Welcome Ekebygruppen to TIQQE

We are proud to welcome Ekebygruppen as a new customer to TIQQE. Ekebygruppen has decided to move business critical applications to AWS.

Ekebygruppen is a group with several subsidiaries that is active in healthcare and care. They provide high quality primary care and housing for young people and young adults.

Ekebygruppen has decided to move their business critical infrastructure to AWS, including all domains for the group. When looking for a supplier, Ekebygruppen wanted to find a partner with extensive experience of cloud security as their data contain critical health care information. They also looked for a partner/friend/buddy to trust for their future cloud journey. Due to the sensitivity of the data, TIQQE will provision the services from the AWS region Stockholm.

Welcome to TIQQE, we’re looking forward to a long term partnership.

Tiqqe People

TIQQE People – Why TIQQE

How do you compete in the modern age for talent? Jacob Welsh shares his ideas of how TIQQE attracts the best talents and provide a superior customer experience.

Jacob Welsh, CEO

Casan Mala is joining TIQQE!

We’re happy to announce Casan Mala as a new member in the TIQQE family. Casan is an experienced fullstack developer who will strengthen one of our customer teams.

Casan is a full-stack developer experienced in developing software, web applications and hybrid mobile apps. He has a great experience working with Express and Handlebars, ReactJS, AngularJS, Laravel, CakePHP, AMP in developing web applications and experienced in Cordova, MeteorJS, ReactNative and PWA in developing hybrid mobile apps. He is focused on Test Driven Development while using Microservice Architecture for both backend and frontend development. He also has a great experience with FeathersJs, NestJs, SailsJs  in developing backend Microservices while using NO SQL such as MongoDB, Redis, or using Relational Database such as MySQL.

Casan believes in balancing life and work so when he is not coding and doing some awesome apps, you’ll find him customizing, building and painting Gunpla sometimes with diorama, customizing and selling quality stickers, but most of the time spending quality time with his wife and son.


New office in Gothenburg

As part of our growth plan, we’re opening up an office in Gothenburg. This is an important step to get closer to customers in the west and south of Sweden. We already have interesting discussions with potential new customers where local presence will be an important part to build strong local relationships.

TIQQE just entered an exciting project with NEVS to build the next generation autonomous taxi pods. Self driving cars are the next paradigm shift in the automotive industry and TIQQE continue to invest in Machine Learning and AI technologies to support customers in their cloud journeys.

The establishment of an office in Gothenburg is of strategic importance to further explore and develop technologies associated with autonomous cars but also to support other industries in their digital journeys.

Stop by for a coffee and a chat if you’re in the neighbourhood.


Welcome NEVS to TIQQE!

NEVS, or National Electric Vehicle Sweden, is dedicated to fight climate change by not only providing electrical vehicles to the global market but also reducing the number of vehicles on the planet, e.g. by shared autonomous taxi pods. TIQQE will provide expertise in how to design and set up the cloud architecture for an end-to-end solution to connect the taxi pods with the user interface. We’re looking forward to work with top engineers in Trollhättan for the purpose of a better world for everyone.

Everyone in Sweden knows about the bankruptcy estate of Saab which was acquired by NEVS in 2012. NEVS is part of the Evergrande Group, ranked as number 138 on the Fortune 500 list of top global companies. The reason why NEVS exists is to fight air pollution, congestion and climate change according to NEVS vision – shape mobility for a more sustainable future.

NEVS is now executing a plan to bring the vision to life by building shared autonomous electrical vehicles which will be introduced to the market within the next few years.

TIQQE will develop and build a scalable and well-architected cloud infrastructure based on state-of-the-art serverless technologies and high-level cloud services. The infrastructure will serve as the backbone when monitoring, controlling and connecting the physical vehicles and the end-customers mobile apps as well as third party service providers in a groundbreaking consumer service.


Rodney Pantonial is joining Tiqqe

Rodney is a very talented and result driven software engineer, a full-stack developer with extensive experience in developing web applications, both frontend and backend.

He is very skilled with Angular, Spring Boot, Kotlin, Aspect-Oriented Programming, Reactive Programming, and Microservices Architecture Design. He has excellent experience working with scrum/agile workflows as well as implementing new code in the most concise and readable way. Rodney is joining the CEMLA team at PostNord. CEMLA is the upcoming update of the old Central Event Manager (CEM). Rodney will be part of the team that will test and fix the issues found upon migrating the logic from the old CEM to the new CEM Lambda.

We look forward to a wonderful journey together!


Graham Pilapil is joining Tiqqe

We are thrilled to announce that Graham Pilapil has joined the TIQQE family. He is an experienced full-stack developer with deep skills in developing web applications using .Net, both frontend and backend.

Graham is currently focusing on backend development using Microservice Architecture, Domain Driven Design and Test Driven Development. He has extensive experience working with databases such as MySQL, SQLServer / Azure SQL Server, Cosmos Db and ORM such as EntityFramework6 / EFCore and Dapper. Graham believes that programming is an endless learning and passion for problem solving and refactoring. Graham is joining the Market Web team at PostNord that is responsible for building and evolving the|.se|.fi|.dk and .no sites.

We look forward to a wonderful journey together!


Malin Andersson is joining Tiqqe

We’re happy to announce that Malin Andersson has joined TIQQE to manage marketing and communications.

Malin is genuinely interested in new people and new industries. Her curiosity and open mind makes it obvious for us to include her in the TIQQE family and our journey. She is an amazing inspiration and will work to create awareness of the TIQQE brand in the digital world. We want to contribute with knowledge, insights and wonderful people. Malin is passionate about entrepreneurship and will be responsible for making and creating content in TIQQE’s digital channels, ensuring that we take care of our stakeholders as potential employees, our important partners as well as potential customers. Malin becomes the engine on Linkedin, Facebook, Instragram, YouTube and Twitter. She will also manage all marketing events.

A warm welcome to the TIQQE family!


Planning the future

We have spent a couple of days in Bergslagen to plan for the future of TIQQE. Let’s just say we have great ambitions for this company which will be evident in the next coming months.

We know that our market fit is a bit early. The market is not really there yet where the majority of organizations are mass migrating to the cloud. However, you just need to take a look at the US market, which always are a few years ahead of the Swedish market, to understand the next big wave in the Nordic IT industry.

We have designed and built a solid foundation for rapid growth and we can scale quickly, once the market matures and reaches mass migration. Now we’ve set up a 5 year strategy which includes some strategic investments in people to enable the overall strategy.

Follow us on our digital channels to be a part of our journey. This will be fun.

David & Anna


Celebrating our first year

Time flies when you’re having fun. We just concluded our first year in business and had the birthday party in Varberg, Sweden. A few days with a busy schedule but also a lot of fun.

David Borgenvik is the founder of Tiqqe and started the business the 1st of June 2018. Johannes Uhr is the first employee at Tiqqe and the two started off from David’s kitchen. A lot has happened during our first year. We’re now close to 30 people with Tiqqe and are growing rapidly. We’ve moved into our own office in Behrn Tower, Örebro, and have been working hard to build the foundation for further growth.

We started off our birthday party with a picnic at the famous fortress in Varberg. The place is a magic scenery close to the sea. Food, drinks and snacks along with gaming such as kubb and we were off for a good start.

Varberg offered great weather during two couple of days and the main goal was to team up, get to know each other even better and plan for how we build a company that everyone wants to stay with and never quit. A lot of team activities had been prepared such as SUP, thaiboxing and explore Varberg by bicycle. We topped it off with a team dinner were everyone contributed to prepare a three course dinner and the result was marvelous.

Cheers and looking forward to our next year in business!