Post corona thoughts

The corona pandemic has shown that being able to adjust cost according to market demand is a core capability for a company. Serverless computing is the solution to the problem.

It’s of course too early to claim that we are a through the corona pandemic and things will be going back to as they were before. We really doubt that it ever will go back to the way it was before. Only in the past few months we have seen a huge change in how we work, all from running online meetings, a huge increase in number of digital events, how we collaborate etc.

Things that we saw in the market at the start of Covid-19 was of course cost cutting, freezing costs and postponing different initiatives and projects. Unfortunately, Covid-19 might be with us for a while so is this a long-term solution? Just looking back 6-7 months the market was entirely different than it is right now. We have also seen companies who have been booming during this period.

At TIQQE we reach out to 150 companies each month to get an understanding of where the market is and where it’s heading.

If we would highlight two interesting areas it would be the following:

High demand, lack of capacity causing downtime and lost business

When we have reached out to companies who are booming at the moment, companies with high demand struggle with the amount of load they need to handle. IT has challenges with handling the loads which in turn causes downtime and of course lost business. Is the answer then to scale up the infrastructure during this period?

Low demand, over capacity and cutting back costs

When speaking with customers who in one way or another have entered into a recession, their challenge is unused capacity. When looking at cost cuts it makes sense to cut it back but at the same time, how do they scale up once it picks up again?

The benefit with serverless

One of the main benefits with serverless is exactly that, you have a scalable, flexible IT which is adaptable over time no matter if it’s a recession or booming.

In uncertain times it’s important to take control over of what you can, define your prediction of the future might look like and make sure not to make decisions which could be a win on a short-term basis but be a loss in a long-term perspective.

At TIQQE this is exactly what we help our customers with, we help you find the right solution, which is scalable, flexible and adaptable to change no matter what the market situation is for you.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or need to scale your business to address the higher or lower demand.


Halftime and time for vacation

We have just passed the second half of 2020, who would have predicted that this is how it would look like? What a huge impact Covid-19 has had on the entire market. Thanks to all employees, customers and partners who have supported us beyond imagination.

It was just about 6 months ago we had our yearly kickoff with our employees at TIQQE. We shared our vision and mission and put our strategy in place together with our employees.

Two months later Covid-19 hit the Swedish market hard, it put us all in a different mode, which was, how do we ensure that we are able to keep all our people during these difficult times. It was a time where we all needed to put our heads together, work as a team every step of the way. This included everything from cutting costs, re-focusing sales, making sure that everyone was well informed and most importantly communication.

We decided our top priority was to first and foremost ensure not letting go of any of our staff and from that decide the priorities and decisions. Sales was more than ever an extremely important part of the solution to rapidly reach out to the market and interpret where the market is, where the customers are and how we align our offerings to the market. Within two weeks, all the actions we had brainstormed where executed on and we found our fit in this uncertain market. Time passed and we worked with different scenario planning, if this happened then we need to do this and if this happens, we should do that etc. Some came true some didn’t. We executed and we broke many eggs, somethings worked some didn’t, we learnt and then moved forward with the next idea.

Was it all doom and gloom? Of course not, it challenged us all, it challenged us to think differently. We had different circumstances than before and we found better and more effective ways to interact with our customers. When it came to our employees, we needed to be creative and we tried many different things and most recently we had a summer party online with all our employees, something we hadn’t even imagined possible 6 months ago.

The result?

Even during these challenging times, we still managed to grow in pretty much every area.

  • 0% turnover of customers & employees
  • 76% growth with new employees
  • Improved diversity from 17% women to 33%
  • 100 % growth with new customers
  • All time high in employee satisfaction (eNPS)
  • All time high in customer satisfaction (NPS)

With this blog we would like to share with you the past 6 months at TIQQE but also to send out a huge thank you to all our customers, employees and partners who have all been extremely important. Thank you and we look forward to work with you and hopefully be able to meet face to face in the near future.

Thank you!


We want to help!

It’s hard not to be impacted by the devastating effects of Covid-19. The unprecedented restrictions, social distancing, losing employment and sickness has had a profound impact on our society, not to mention those who have lost loved ones. We want to help!

We have been looking at ways to help those affected and one practical way is to provide practical help to those whose livelihoods have been impacted.

At TIQQE, each day consists of reading different CV’s from applicants, listening to our customers needs and understanding what they require. We have together read 1000s of CV’s, received 1000s of customer requests, prepared 1000s of employees before going for a customer interview and we think that this is an area in which we can help.

If you are looking for a new job and need help with the following:

  • Putting together your CV
  • Personal letter
  • Test run an interview
  • Pep talk
  • Or just someone to listen

Please feel free to contact us

Jacob Welsh,, +46 768 100714

Sofia Sundqvist,, +46 768 100715

Cloud economics

License to kill

Using commercial software and paying expensive licenses is old school and no longer necessary. Cloud provide you with flexibility and you only need to pay for what you use. No investments necessary.

In May I’m sure many of you, including myself, was looking forward to the release of the new James Bond film, with the famous slogan – License To Kill.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, this film premier has been postponed but the reality of License to Kill within IT-licenses and infrastructure has never been more important than now.

We are in contact with roughly 150 companies across Sweden every month, mainly to understand where the market is at this point of time and how we need to align to be able to meet the market with their challenges.

In the past few months the market has really changed, most companies are “pulling the handbrake” and cutting down their variable costs, freezing new initiatives etc. What comes to a surprise is the number of licenses many companies have, everything from Office365, different on-premise & cloud platforms which are based on traditional license models which are core based and very expensive.

When buying licenses, with a traditional license model, you buy a capacity up-front which you are planning to use during a longer term, usually between 1-5 years. Of course, during this period, you are able to “scale up” and purchase more cores. But overall you will always be paying for more than you need at the point of time of the purchase.

Traditional on-premise platforms when scaling will have the following effects:

  • Additional cores
  • Additional servers
  • Not fully utilized 
  • Generate additional costs

This is costing companies across the globe huge amounts of money which could be spent on better things or even in these uncertain times also saved.

Here are a few examples:

  • On-Prem infrastructure
  • Integration platforms, Enterprise Service Bus
  • API-Platforms
  • Identity & Access Management platforms
  • Service & Assessment Platforms

The list is long and most likely you are running one or several at your workplace today.

So what’s the solution?

Both from a license and an infrastructure perspective the Cloud is the obvious choice this enables you to both scale up and down. At TIQQE we purely focus on AWS and the capabilities to scaling, not paying up-front license costs, pay for what you need at this point of time are all the key points to moving to the cloud.

Ask yourself if you need to renew your licenses anytime soon. Do you want to buy more licenses or do you want a second opinion?

We have all the tools in place to quickly identify your costs today and what the costs would be if you would instead operate in the cloud.

This blog is mainly focused on a cost saving perspective but there are many more examples what the cloud provides you with.

I really recommend checking the following blogs out:

4 ways of reducing cost and increase liquidity


Stop focusing on customers and employees!

In recent times we see a huge rise of companies stating that they are employee first or customer first company i.e. customer centric & employee centric, an organization which is out-side in and not inside out. I’m sure you have heard all of this before. But is this a recipe for success? In this blog I would like to challenge this and provide you with a different perspective.


In our companies’ employees are our most valuable assets, they are the ones who build services or products for our customers to consume. But are employees just employees or are they in-fact also people? I’m sure you will agree with me that all employees are also people who come from different backgrounds, have different opinions, different experiences, ideas, challenges etc. So why do we continue to talk about employee first, employee centric etc. Why not instead focus on the individual person instead and focus on their strengths and provide them with the best foundation for them to succeed? Because if we as an employer manage to make every person in the company seen, heard and engaged in the company’s mission – won’t success be the result?

Why aren’t I mentioning people’s weakness and how we should overcome them? Let’s go back to when you employed the new addition to your team, did you employ them because of their strengths or weaknesses? The answer is obvious, but does this mean we should never coach our people when something isn’t right? Of course not, however it’s about how we do it and for this to work there is one vital key ingredient which this person must have, and this is – to be humble and always have a willingness to develop. Then the person will be open to new ideas and other viewpoints than their own and that is when you will build a successful team with everyone bringing the best they have to the table.


Customers are so important and they help us to develop, they provide us with new areas to explore and of course they pay our bills and put our food on the table. Without our customers we wouldn’t have a company so you could easily argue that customers are very important for any company to succeed. But is it really the customers who make this happen or is it actually the people at the customer who enable this?

Employees are about the people and the same argument goes for customers, every interaction with our customers is with people. That’s why, as stated in the beginning of this blog, we need to focus on the people who we work with at customers. Focusing on understanding their challenges, what are keeping them up at night, what is required to make them successful and how we can help to enable this. Because if the people at customers are successful won’t that also result in the success of the customer?


At TIQQE we believe in people intimacy, we believe in focusing on the individual who ever you are, whether or not you are a customer, an employee or a partner. The main focus is how we enable success for you and in most cases, the people we meet are the people who can answer that question. How we get there? Let’s do that together.

We don’t come to you with a ready-made solution and thinking this will be the solution to your problem. We won’t turn to you as an employee thinking that we know where you are and what you want to achieve without hearing this from you. Together we can help you develop in the direction you desire.

Let’s focus on people intimacy!

As a child I was always told that a problem shared is a problem halved, so if you have a challenge facing you or looking for new employment where the focus is on you as an individual, then please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Meet Rebecca from IHM Business School

We love people who wants to learn and challenge the present so when we got the opportunity to host Rebecca for her practice in her studies at IHM Business School, we grabbed it. Meet Rebecca, an ambitious young woman who wants to make a difference in the IT industry within sales and marketing.

Rebecca Kressner is a first year student at IHM Business School in Gothenburg. Rebecca is born and raised in Oslo and with main experiences from the retail industry but are now living in Gothenburg. She study sales and marketing and are looking forward to a professional life within the IT industry where she wants to make a difference. The industry needs more women and sales representatives who focuses on what’s best for the customer so we’re happy to inspire in any way we can.

We asked a number of questions to Rebecca.

What did you know about TIQQE before you started?

I knew TIQQE was an innovative company with values like always being nice.

Why did you want to join TIQQE?

I wanted to join TIQQE because I believe that it’s a company that is one step ahead and is helping the society to develop towards the future IT solutions. Also, because the company quote “Enable ideas, challenge the present, never stop learning and always be nice” really spoke to me and are company values that I want to be a part of.

What was your first impression of TIQQE the first week?

My first impression the first week at TIQQE was that the people working here are extremely passionate and have a great experience and knowledge of how to run a business, but still with a humble approach.

What is your role at TIQQE?

My role at TIQQE is as a Sales Intern. I attend my first year at IHM Business School in Gothenburg.

How has your fist time been at TIQQE?

My first time at TIQQE has been very educational and valuable, and of course very exiting to meet a lot of new talented people.

What are you looking forward to in the nearest future?

I am looking forward to learning even more, to put what I’ve learned into action. Also, to develop further within TIQQE.

What do you know about TIQQE now?

I know that TIQQE is a structured company with focused employees who have the customer’s best interest in mind. A company just in the beginning of its’ journey, TIQQE is the future!

Thanks for sharing Rebecca!


The next generation (IT) company

Imagine the possibility to start from scratch, to dig deep and reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t in our past. The opportunity to build something without the limitation of legacy, the opportunity to build the next generation (IT) company. For me, it’s a dream come true.

Soon reaching my 100 days at TIQQE, it has provided me with time to meet and get to know our amazing staff, to meet and understand our customers. Understand why they work with us and what challenges they are facing so we can build a successful future together.

But what does “next generation” actually means? For us, it’s about how we build and nurture our culture and how we get everyone involved. It’s about our technical excellence and how we drive digital transformation for our customers. It’s how we organize ourselves to avoid hierarchies and stay agile and fast. Most importantly, it’s about how we live our vision – #theTIQQEcode – to ensure a zero turnover of employees and customers.

Early on we understood that to be able to build the next generation IT company, we need to involve everyone. But how do you do that? In our support team, we don’t call us management team, we’ve read the books and designed company strategies before. Company strategies are great to provide directions and ambitions for the whole organization but there is always one thing missing – involvement. Employees are usually faced with a set strategy and have little influence over the company direction. Is that good for involvement? Of course not and that’s why our mission statement is “enable ideas, challenge the present, never stop learning and always be nice”. Our mission is designed to enable our vision and that’s why we needed to challenge the status quo in how to design and implement a company strategy. We just did that in our kickoff a couple of weeks ago and I would like to tell you about it.

We started our kick-off by sharing our vision, mission and objectives but strategy and tactics, i.e. the what and the how, was empty. All employees where divided in small groups of three to discuss how we best implement our vision and mission to meet our objectives. Each team came up with ideas of our strategic priorities (The what) and presented their findings to the rest of the company. In the end of the day, votes were handed out to each and everyone to vote for their favorites which resulted in a condensed set of strategic priorities. The next day, each team focused on the tactics, i.e. how to implement the strategy. After the voting procedure, the strategy and tactics was complete and will now be implemented during 2020.

The output was mind blowing and something we would never had been able to accomplish alone in our support team. I’m proud and honored to work with such great people who willingly contribute with what’s important – that’s one example of how we challenge the present to build the next generation (IT) company.

So how are we going to put our words into action, please follow us on our digital channels, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram and we will share this next month.


We proudly present our new COO!

We’re very happy to announce TIQQEs new COO, Sofia Sundqvist! Another strategic recruitment who will be a key player in TIQQEs future strategy. Sofia has an excellent track record of building foundations where everyone has the possibility to thrive and reach there highest potential.

With our rapid growth and increasing demand from our customers we are very glad to have Sofia Sundqvist joining us at TIQQE as our new COO.

We believe in finding the best talent across the globe, no matter where you are from, you are welcome at TIQQE. This provides us with a huge opportunity but also a challenge when aligning our vision and  developing our culture across the globe. With Sofias impressive track record of finding objectives and visions to create a culture that encourages differences, rewards innovation and embraces change will be invaluable for TIQQEs future.

“Sofia is a critical addition to our team and is the puzzle piece which we needed to be able to fully execute on our strategy. She is dedicated to people and thrives in helping others succeed and reach there highest potential, which is a perfect match with our Employee first approach and to be the last employer for all employees. With her professionalism and charisma, we also know that she will be an excellent addition to our growing team

David & Jacob


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We wish to thank all our customers, employees, partners and friends for an amazing 2019 – Thank you for the trust you give us. We’re already looking forward to an even greater 2020.

2019 has been an amazing year, we’ve been fortunate to be able to welcome both new AWS ninjas as employees and new exciting customers. We’re so ready to continue our journey in 2020 but now it’s time to get some time off with family and friends and charge our batteries.

This year offers an extra amount of time for relaxation. We hope you’ll take the opportunity to get some well deserved time off as well.

See you all in 2020!


Another strategic recruitment

We’re happy to announce two additional strategic recruitments for TIQQE, Joakim Restadh and Andreas Vallberg. Joakim and Andreas will be responsible for two key areas of TIQQE’s future.

“TIQQE is growing rapidly and the demand for our services are high, however it’s important for us to continue to develop our culture and to continue to challenge the present. This is why we know Andreas and Joakim will be great additions to our team. They both have strong track records within building a strong company culture, creating a foundation where everyone has the possibility to thrive, challenging the present and providing new ways to solve our customers challenges”  – David & Jacob

Joakim Restadh will be joining TIQQE as board member, responsible for Culture & Alliances.

Joakim will lead the continuous development of TIQQE’s People First Strategy and TIQQE’s zero vision in terms of staff turnover. He will also lead the progress of TIQQE’s alliances by developing strategic alliances over time. He will suggest and implement adjustments continuously, review and support alliance contracts and analyze financial justification for all alliances. He will also build new relationships with alliance partners both nationally & globally.

Andreas Vallberg will be joining TIQQE as board member, responsible for Technology and Innovation.

He will work with customers, focusing on the success of projects in forefront of technology, and take part in driving TIQQE’s technological cutting edge by constantly questioning the technical truths and ensuring that we continuously deliver competitive solutions & services.