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We are thrilled to welcome Cajza Nydén to our growing family. Cajza is a fullstack developer and will strengthen one of our customer teams. We asked a couple of questions to Cajza about her first impressions of TIQQE and why she decided to join.

What did you know about TIQQE before you started?

I knew TIQQE as a young company that focuses on AWS and is growing fast.

Why did you want to join TIQQE?

It was TIQQE’s values that attracted me. As a junior developer I wanted to work at a place where I’m not only judged on how much I know now, but on what I’m able to learn as well and TIQQE values your willingness to learn just as high as your skills.

What was your first impression of TIQQE?

My first day was at the kick-off, where we had workshops on how to work towards our vision. I felt good to be allowed to be a part of that and it made me feel included from the very start. I got the impression that TIQQE doesn’t only talk the talk about listening to its people, they walk the walk. 

What is your role at TIQQE?

I’m a junior fullstack developer in a team working with Postnord. 

How has your first time been at TIQQE?

My first time at TIQQE has been really exciting! I have already learned so much and met so many smart and passionate people. It has been high tempo, learning by doing and very fun!

What are you looking forward to in the near future?

I look forward to to never stop learning and developing my skills further. 

What do you know about TIQQE now?

I now know that TIQQE is a company that really cares about its people, about its customers and about working with things they believe in.

Thanks for sharing Cajza!

“Enable ideas, challenge the present, never stop learning and always be nice.“