Casan Mala is joining TIQQE!

We’re happy to announce Casan Mala as a new member in the TIQQE family. Casan is an experienced fullstack developer who will strengthen one of our customer teams.

Casan is a full-stack developer experienced in developing software, web applications and hybrid mobile apps. He has a great experience working with Express and Handlebars, ReactJS, AngularJS, Laravel, CakePHP, AMP in developing web applications and experienced in Cordova, MeteorJS, ReactNative and PWA in developing hybrid mobile apps. He is focused on Test Driven Development while using Microservice Architecture for both backend and frontend development. He also has a great experience with FeathersJs, NestJs, SailsJs  in developing backend Microservices while using NO SQL such as MongoDB, Redis, or using Relational Database such as MySQL.

Casan believes in balancing life and work so when he is not coding and doing some awesome apps, you’ll find him customizing, building and painting Gunpla sometimes with diorama, customizing and selling quality stickers, but most of the time spending quality time with his wife and son.

Anna Klang

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