Meet Christoffer, an experienced and highly certified Solutions Architect on AWS who joined TIQQE in early 2020.

Christoffer has expert knowledge in setting up fault tolerant, self-healing, elastic and highly available systems on AWS. Christoffer has several AWS certifications and extensive experience of interacting with developers in the agile framework, developing and operating AWS environments in close cooperation with DevOps teams. Christoffer is analytical, very deeply specialized and passionately solution-oriented. Christoffer has great communication skills and builds trust with his peers which makes him very appreciated by his customers.

Christoffer has documented his impression of the recruitment and onboarding process at TIQQE in a number of vlogs which you can find here. Enjoy!

vlog #1 – Christoffer about the recruitment process and the first impressions of TIQQE
vlog #2 – Christoffer just met the people at TIQQE for the first time
vlog #3 – Christoffer shares his thoughts before the annual kickoff at TIQQE
vlog #4 – Christoffer just attended his first kickoff with TIQQE
vlog #5 – Christoffer after his first week at TIQQE