Johan Byrén is joining TIQQE!

We are very proud to grow our TIQQE family with another highly skilled serverless guru.

Johan has long experience of working with cloud architecture solution development, is a highly skilled fullstack developer who manages AWS serverless architecture and development front to backend. He also has long experience in CI/CD and autonomous testing, unit tests, integration tests, regression tests as well as cloud migration and architecture reviews.
Johan is a team player in everything he does. He really enjoys solving problems together with others and to work in a team that strives for perfect solutions in the best interest of the customer. Johan really commit himself to the tasks. This makes him a quick learner
that always looks for ways of developing his knowledge bank. 

Johan is also a great athlete & an ultimate frisbee athlete for the Swedish national team, loves to travel the world and has a personal interest in trading.

David Borgenvik

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