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We are thrilled to announce Martina Della Corte as a new colleague. Martina is a fullstack developer and will strengthen one of our customer teams. We asked a couple of questions to Martina about her first impressions of TIQQE and why she decided to join.

What did you know about TIQQE before you started?

I got to know about TIQQE from two friends who described TIQQE as “an amazing company, with amazing people” and as a “cool company that works with the cloud”. Then I read more about TIQQE on the website and I discovered the “serverless company” approach.

Why Did you want to join TIQQE?

Hearing my friends speaking about TIQQE and reading more about it, made me feel like that this was exactly the opportunity I was looking for – a place where I could apply my knowledge and improve my skills, a place where I could have the opportunity to work with the latest technologies, approaches and solutions. I felt that TIQQE was a company that looks into the future.

What was your first impression of TIQQE this week?

This first week confirmed the feelings I had before I started. Plus, I realized I am surrounded by very professional developers: I’ve listened them speaking about work to do, I saw them having meetings and it was clear that they know how to do their job and how much passion they have for it. That made me feel really lucky because I understood that I can improve a lot, both as a person and as a developer, working with them.

What is your role at TIQQE?

I am a full-stack developer

How was your first time been at TIQQE?

I think that my first time was in reality in February when I joined for the monthly meeting at lunch and it was like being in a special place, a different company compared to the others. I have never had that kind of feeling in my previous working experience and I got the same feeling when I started this Monday.

What are you looking forward to in the nearest future?

I am looking forward to show that I can be part of TIQQE, that I can add value to the company both as a person and as a developer. I am part of the MIMIRO project and I am looking forward to paying back the trust shown in me, working well and with passion, as I always do.

What do you know about TIQQE now?

I know that TIQQE is an IT company that looks to the future working with cloud computing, that the people working at TIQQE are nice people and amazing developers. I know that TIQQE cares about people and about customers and I know more about the structure of the company.

Thanks for sharing Martina!

“Enable ideas, challenge the present, never stop learning and always be nice.“