New CEO at Tiqqe

It’s finally official. Tiqqe have recruited Anna Klang as new CEO.

Finally it’s official. I’ve recruited Anna Klang as new CEO for Tiqqe. I will need some help in building the company and Anna has the experience and the track record for doing that.

I met Anna the first time in Las Vegas a year ago at AWS Re:invent. We had some interesting discussions around cloud and serverless. I also consulted her in the start-up phase for guidance but when I found myself looking for a new CEO, I knew that she was the right person for the job.

Anna has been her own employer for many years, focusing on building strong companies as a consultant, specifically within sales and marketing which is an area where I don’t have much experience. When I first approached her with the idea, it took a bit of convincing to give up her own company for mine. However, now we are finally in agreement and Anna will start as our new CEO already by mid October.

David Borgenvik

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