Forget everything you know about integration, we’ve just made integration a whole lot easier. We provide a service that is not only half the cost of what you pay today but also completely hassle-free for you.

The need of integrating systems is not a new phenomena but has been a crucial part of an IT department for decades. However, the integration technology has evolved during the years from custom built point-to-point integrations to more or less sophisticated integration platforms.

The common theme with all integration products is that they are associated with a license and installed on a physical server, on prem or in cloud. This means that the product requires the management of a license and needs to be upgraded as new updates are available from the manufacturer. Further more, many organizations have acquired more than one integration platform during the years which makes it even more complex and costly.

We typically see cost savings around 60% when using serverless integrations

Anders Eriksson, Cloud Transition Lead

The new technology stack in public clouds are revolutionizing how integrations are designed, built and managed. You no longer need a costly integration platform but can buy integration as a service from Tiqqe. We use modern technology along with AutoOps to reduce the cost to a minimum.

We have more than 10 years of experience in designing, building and managing integrations. Why not try Tiqqe the next time you need to do changes in your integration environment.

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– “We have a license to kill enterprise application integration license platforms”, Jacob Welch, CEO, TIQQE

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