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We’re excited to welcome Rey to us at TIQQE!

A test engineer with 17 years extensive experience in software testing, both manual and automated. He has great experience with test automation in Bash, Python, Javascript, and has worked with frameworks and tools like Robot, Selenium, Protractor, Playwright, Katalon, Postman, etc. He has a strong drive in increasing software quality and delivery efficiency by continuously improving test automation and eventually reducing manual tests for better cost discipline. He also has great leadership experience with excellent communication and problem-solving skills, strong passion about work, creativity and innovation.

When not on a keyboard, you can see Rey jogging or running outdoors as he consistently meets his 10,000+ daily steps target, for close to a decade now. He’s also active in sports like basketball, badminton, even tennis and baseball. His soft side loves poetry which landed him a gorgeous wife.

“Enable ideas, challenge the present, never stop learning and always be nice.“