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In March, we launched a series of ideas of how companies who are suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic can quickly reduce cost and increase liquidity. If you missed the webinar around our second idea, reducing cost by replacing you Biztalk platform, you can watch it today.

Many companies are under tremendous financial pressure due to the COVID-19 virus. In early March, we sat down to figure out what we can do to help and came up with 4 ways of how we can reduce cost and increase liquidity in the short term for a company.

You can read a summary of the cost saving series here. The summary include links to all 4 ideas to give you a deeper insight of each idea. Every idea also include a financial business case which have two purposes:

  • Translate technology into tangible financials to motivate your CFO to support the idea.
  • Provide a business case template to reflect your specific prerequisites.

Biztalk Replace

Every organization needs to connect data between applications and databases to support their business processes. There are a lot of ways of solving the integration need but many companies have bought an integration platform from one or more of the major product vendors in the market such as Microsoft Biztalk, Tibco, Mulesoft, IBM Websphere etc. If you’re one of them, we have good news for you and your CFO.

According to Radar Group, who made a survey of 200 Swedish companies a few years back, integration is a hidden cost bomb. On average, companies spend 140 000 SEK in maintenance cost per year and per integration. On average, a company with 300 employees have 50 integrations if you’re in the retail or in the distribution sector, 70 integrations if you’re in the manufacturing sector according to the survey. The cost of integration is substantial.

You should reconsider your next Biztalk upgrade project

You can read the full blog post here

You can watch the webinar here


Join our Biztalk replace webinar

Your integration platform is a cost bomb according to Radar Group so if your company are looking for quick savings due to the COVID-19 crisis, we can help you save 50-60% and provide an ROI in less than a year.

Many companies are under financial pressure during the ongoing pandemic and are looking for ways to reduce cost in the short term.

Your integration platform is a cost bomb according to a study by Radar Group. This webinar will present how you can replace your existing integration platform with a modern cloud solution from TIQQE and cheer up your CFO with substantial savings.

Join our webinar the 5th of May, 08:30-09:15, to learn more.

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You can also read our blog post including a financial example of a company with 100 integrations.

  • 2MSEK in savings the first year
  • 8MSEK in savings the following years
  • 34MSEK in accumulated savings in 5 years (49%)
  • Return on investment, less than a year

If you’re planning an upgrade from Biztalk 2016 to 2020, you will have an even greater business case.



Welcome Textilia to Tiqqe

Textilia, a leading textile service solution company in the Nordics, just signed a managed service agreement with Tiqqe to manage business critical integrations.


Textilia offers smart, environmentally friendly and cost effective textile service solutions for quality conscious customers in the healthcare and care sector in the Nordic region. This means that every day, Textilia wash and deliver over 100 tonnes of work clothes and textiles all over the country and make many hard-working people feel professional pride and dignity in the middle of a tough reality.

Textilia are approximately 650 employees and located in eight locations in Sweden and have a turnover of approximately SEK 600 million per year.

Integration as a Service

Textilia’s customers are primarily large organizations in the healthcare and caring sector. An important part of the business is the data integration between Textilia and their customers to ensure a seamless service. Strict service level agreements requires a solid and reliable integration solution.

Tiqqe provide Integration as a Service (IaaS) based upon serverless technology in AWS public cloud. It’s a highly reliable and scalable service where Tiqqe take full responsibility for the integration functionality.


Anders Eriksson, Head of Sales and Marketing


Glenn Messelth, IT Manager


Welcome Sonat to Tiqqe

Sonat is a leading consultancy within supply chain management and logistics. Sonat has signed an agreement with Tiqqe for managing business critical integrations.


Sonat is a development partner in supply chain and logistics with expertise and services in both fourth-party logistics and consulting.

Sonat offers a comprehensive solution that covers everything from developing supply chain management strategies to implementing them. They have all the expertise needed to operate and develop their customers logistics functions. Sonat are the only one in the Nordic countries.

About 80% of the business is fourth-party logistics (4PL). Sonat then acts as their customers internal department and manages, for example, an entire logistics or transport department. Sonat services include procurement for inventory, forecasting and master planning and administration of the customers transport. The remaining 20% ​​consists of consultancy in supply chain and logistics.

Integration as a Service

The agreement is set to deliver business critical integrations for Sonat. As Sonat is managing critical logistics for their customers, the data communication between Sonat, customers and logistics partners are a crucial part of Sonat’s service. Tiqqe will provide a highly scalable and reliable integration service based upon serverless technology in AWS public cloud.


Anders Eriksson, Head of Sales and Marketing


Malin Persson, Chief Executive Officer
Joakim Restadh, Chief Technology Officer