The next generation (IT) company

Imagine the possibility to start from scratch, to dig deep and reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t in our past. The opportunity to build something without the limitation of legacy, the opportunity to build the next generation (IT) company. For me, it’s a dream come true.

Soon reaching my 100 days at TIQQE, it has provided me with time to meet and get to know our amazing staff, to meet and understand our customers. Understand why they work with us and what challenges they are facing so we can build a successful future together.

But what does “next generation” actually means? For us, it’s about how we build and nurture our culture and how we get everyone involved. It’s about our technical excellence and how we drive digital transformation for our customers. It’s how we organize ourselves to avoid hierarchies and stay agile and fast. Most importantly, it’s about how we live our vision – #theTIQQEcode – to ensure a zero turnover of employees and customers.

Early on we understood that to be able to build the next generation IT company, we need to involve everyone. But how do you do that? In our support team, we don’t call us management team, we’ve read the books and designed company strategies before. Company strategies are great to provide directions and ambitions for the whole organization but there is always one thing missing – involvement. Employees are usually faced with a set strategy and have little influence over the company direction. Is that good for involvement? Of course not and that’s why our mission statement is “enable ideas, challenge the present, never stop learning and always be nice”. Our mission is designed to enable our vision and that’s why we needed to challenge the status quo in how to design and implement a company strategy. We just did that in our kickoff a couple of weeks ago and I would like to tell you about it.

We started our kick-off by sharing our vision, mission and objectives but strategy and tactics, i.e. the what and the how, was empty. All employees where divided in small groups of three to discuss how we best implement our vision and mission to meet our objectives. Each team came up with ideas of our strategic priorities (The what) and presented their findings to the rest of the company. In the end of the day, votes were handed out to each and everyone to vote for their favorites which resulted in a condensed set of strategic priorities. The next day, each team focused on the tactics, i.e. how to implement the strategy. After the voting procedure, the strategy and tactics was complete and will now be implemented during 2020.

The output was mind blowing and something we would never had been able to accomplish alone in our support team. I’m proud and honored to work with such great people who willingly contribute with what’s important – that’s one example of how we challenge the present to build the next generation (IT) company.

So how are we going to put our words into action, please follow us on our digital channels, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram and we will share this next month.

Jacob Welsh

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