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We’re proud to welcome Torbjörn Stavenek to our team at TIQQE. Torbjörn is an AI and Machine Learning expert and will lead our investment in the AI and Machine Learning domain due to an increasing demand from our customers.

Who is Torbjörn?

My name is Torbjörn and I have been working with IT for more than 20 years. I am originally from the south of Sweden, studied in Linköping and worked for many years in Stockholm. However, 5 years ago me and my family bought a farm in Vintrosa just outside Örebro and moved there. 
I have a wife and 3 kids, a dog, a cat, some hens, and various other small animals.

I am in general an optimistic and curious person. My interests include cooking, wine, creating and listening to music, carpentry, forestry, investing, exploring business ideas, gaming, etc.

What did you know about TIQQE before you started?

Since I had been working with many of the people at Tiqqe before, I had a pretty good idea about the company. I knew about the AWS and serverless focus, and I also knew about the employee and customer focus.

Why did you want to join TIQQE?

As I mentioned I know many of the people at Tiqqe already and I want to work with nice people  – so that was easy! I have been working with cloud and serverless for some years now which is also a great fit with Tiqqe. 
But what really sold me was their new AI-initiative which I will be an integral part of.

What was your first impression of TIQQE the first week?

Much as expected: nice people, drive, engagement, and lots of discussions about customers and projects.

What is your role at TIQQE?

I will lead the investment into the AI and Machine Learning domain together with Andreas Vallberg and Anna Klang. Several of our existing customers have come quite far in their digitalization journey. They are looking to explore the opportunities within their data which we will be able to help them with. We’re already involved in several AI and Machine Learning projects, some really ground breaking capabilities within prediction.

How has your fist time been at TIQQE?

A mix of working concentrated from home, socializing and working at the office, joining the first lesson in an internal leadership programme.
So as they say in the movie industry: “In medias res” – dropped into the center of things.

What are you looking forward to in the nearest future?

I am really excited about growing the AI-initiative with more customers and projects and finding interesting problems to solve in this space.

What do you know about TIQQE now?

I think basically what I thought I knew has been confirmed, so I am happy about that!

Welcome Torbjörn!

“Enable ideas, challenge the present, never stop learning and always be nice.“