We proudly present our new CEO!

We are very proud to announce our new CEO for the company, Jacob Welsh. This is another strategic recruitment and an important piece in our 5 year strategy. Jacob has an impressive track record of delivering customer value and will lead and implement the strategy at TIQQE.

With the increasing demand from our customers in building great solutions on Amazon Web Services, we are happy to announce another addition to our team. Our long term friend Jacob Welsh has decided to join TIQQE and will take on the role as CEO.

Jacob Welsh, born in England, has an impressive track record and is a true entrepreneur. He has the ability to inspire both customers and peers to create something out of the ordinary. He is the perfect leader of TIQQE and will take charge of the implementation of our 5 year strategy and continue building this company by delivering value to our customers. With his charisma and professionalism, he will boost our outstanding team. 

Former CEO, Anna Klang, will take on a new role as Head of Growth and Acquisitions, focusing on both growing TIQQE organically and by acquisitions.

Stay tuned for more exciting news in a near future!

David Borgenvik

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