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Cloud optimization, 08:30 – 09:15

Managing cloud infrastructure is different to managing infrastructure on-prem. It’s easy to provision new resources but it’s equally easy to forget to decommission resources when they’re not needed. Further more, performance tuning is often not part of daily routines and only performed when there are performance problems. Optimization is not supposed to be performed occasionally but rather on a regular basis to ensure a cost effective use of cloud computing. If you need to find quick ways of reducing your costs, optimizing will be one tool to use to bring good news to your CFO.

You can also read our blog post including a financial example of a company with a monthly billing of 150kSEK.

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Past webinars

Biztalk Replace 2020-05-05

Your integration platform is a cost bomb according to a study by Radar Group. This webinar will present how you can replace your existing integration platform with a modern cloud solution from TIQQE and reduce cost by 50-60%. You can also read a blog post with a financial example of a company with 100 integrations.

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Incident Automation 2020-06-09

Incident handling is often a highly manual process. This webinar will focus on how to automate 70% of your incidents with AWS Step Functions. You can also read our blog post including a financial example of a company with 1000 incidents per month.

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