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Inicident Automation, 08:30 – 09:15

Incident handling is often a highly manual process in most companies. It requires 1st, 2nd and 3rd line resources in a service desk to manage error handling of the applications, databases and infrastructure. Further more, some expert forum, or Change Advisory Board, are usually in place to work with improvements to reduce tickets and incidents. A lot of people is required just to keep the lights on.

What if you could set up monitoring alerts that automatically triggers automated processes and resolves the incidents before the users even notice them and place a ticket to your service desk. Sounds like science fiction? Check out this webinar where Max Koldenius will reveal how to set up incident automation using AWS Step Functions.

You can also read our blog post including a financial example of a company with 1000 incidents per month.

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Biztalk Replace 2020-05-05

Your integration platform is a cost bomb according to a study by Radar Group. This webinar will present how you can replace your existing integration platform with a modern cloud solution from TIQQE and reduce cost by 50-60%.

You can also read our blog post including a financial example of a company with 100 integrations.

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