Cloud Architect in Gothenburg

We are looking for a Cloud Architect with a good balance between technical and communication skills. A person who has the ability to handle both interaction with developers and DevOps teams, as well as deep knowledge in AWS infrastructure services.

You will be working closely with other passionate people and will have a great opportunity to both learn new things and share your previous experiences. We are not looking for someone that knows everything, we are looking for a person that wants to learn.

We believe that you

  • Have your home in Gothenburg or its surroundings
  • Have experience from Cloud solution architecture in general
  • Have specific knowledge in AWS Serverless Architecture and development
  • Have one or more AWS certifications
  • Are analytic and solution-oriented
  • Have a genuin interest in customers businesses and challenges

We wish that you

  • Have the urge to learn more
  • Put teams over individuals
  • Are professionally driven by serverelss technology and become your best you when surrounded by other ”techies”
  • Wants to develop your soft skills as well as your technical

What to expect from us

  • A burning love for all things serverless
  • A place where people matters
  • Courage to say “we were wrong”
  • Technical excellency
  • A startup company with great visions
  • Distributed teams
  • A place where we don’t always do what the customer tells us, but instead always does what is best for the customer