Old BizTalk versions are quickly approaching end-of-life so you are again facing the upgrade dilemma;

  • Should you keep on running your business critical integrations on software without support?
  • or do you put in the money to upgrade to Biztalk 2020 as a sunken cost to mitigate that risk?

The enterprise integration software capabilities of yesteryear has been commoditised by the different building blocks of your cloud supplier.

You can migrate to those services today and we are here to help you.

We migrate your existing Microsoft Biztalk integrations to serverless integrations and provide the support they deserve. This means your critical infrastructure code remains yours.

Utilizing the cloud capabilities for your integration needs will have another great benefit. You can move away from batch based communication and towards asynchronous event based architectures. This means that you can leverage the precious data flowing in your integrations and maximize its potential to the fullest. If you want to push the data to the machine learning team for predictions, or create nice reports for management that is also doable.

But those are not the only benefits to our approach:

Lower your integration costs with 50-60%!

With our approach, we see customers lowering their costs both on Operating Costs and Capital Expenditure to a total sum of 50 – 60%. With no proprietary servers, no additional costs for failover mechanisms and clustering and with no costs for endless upgrade projects, these are real savings that can be made.

ROI in less than 12 months!

Typically we see ROI for our customers in 12 months or less, making this a really great way of saving money and getting rid of unnecessary licensing and hardware.

Don’t worry anymore about scaling!

By utilizing the power of the cloud and its auto-scaling power and using our blueprints for serverless integrations, we leverage the auto scaling features

Predictable pricing!

Do you want to know what your platform costs from a day-to-day and month-to-month basis? Do you want to spend money on innovation and development instead of stale infrastructure costs?

We have an integration competence center standing by to help you. Instead of upgrade to the latest Biztalk 2020, we help you transform your integrations to the cloud and save alot of money for you.

Let us help!

Which version are you using?

Microsoft wants you to first upgrade to Biztalk 2020 and then later on, also upgrade to future versions of Azure. If you are running on Biztalk 2016, you are already facing additional costs with extended support!

Biztalk 2016 or earlier? Mainstream Support expired 2018
Extended Support Expires 2023
Biztalk 2016 Mainstream Support expires 2020
Extended support expires 2027
Biztalk 2020 Mainstream Support expires 2024
Extended Support expires 2029
Which Microsoft Biztalk version are you currently on?

Remember, even if you run on Extended support, this means you

  • do not get non-security hotfixes free of charge
  • do not get incident support free
  • cannot make warranty claims
  • cannot request design changes, feature requests because development is stopped.

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