We hope we are your future

Our mission is simple; to empower and inspire, and we believe the best place to start is with a talented team. We employ talent and not location, meaning that we really don’t care where you live as long as you have a wifi connection and access to the Internet. We therefore employ people from all over the world and we’re always looking for the best and brightest to join our team as we continue to grow.

We believe in a fun and balanced workplace which is why we offer a set of benefits like flexible working hours, fun team events along with a culture of technical excellence, caring and being nice.


If you’re interested in knowing more about us or want to see if you and TIQQE are a good match don’t hesitate to contact me!


072-200 56 31


I am a full-stack developer and a quick learner that embraces change. I have worked with different front-end frameworks but is extremely familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Vue.js. I have good knowledge about microservice architecture and serverless and is also very comfortable with NodeJS backend development. I have a passion for cloud and “x as a service”.

Flexible working

Everyone has their life outside of the office. Whether you have kids or maybe a horse, TIQQE provide flexible working options so you can make it all work.


We love to laugh, high five our successes and help each other out. We promise you a fun and positive working environment where you can be yourself and fit right in. We praises a caring environment with friendly people.

Off site events

As much as we accomplish in the office, we know the importance of getting outside too. That’s why we frequently plan out of office activities to get out and explore the best that Sweden has to offer.


We love sports and a healthy lifestyle so at TIQQE, we provide maximum health allowances to let everyone practice their own sporting activities. We also offer our employees lunch-workout sessions, PT time and nutrition-coaching. We keep our hearts and minds in shape to create magic for our customers.

Food and snacks

You can’t really produce magic on an empty stomach so we keep the fridge ready for you to make a sandwich in case you run out of energy in between meals. We also go for team lunch every Friday and encourage after-works in the office.

Insurance and pension

We work in a demanding industry which sometimes can be tough. That’s why we have a generous insurance and pension package. We take care of you in case you need professional help and we make sure you don’t have to worry about the day you decide to retire.


Sweden is home to one of the highest concentrations of tech specialists in the world, and we’re at the center of it. However, talent is spread all over the world and we believe in distributed teams, that’s why we really don’t care where you live. We’re looking for talent, no matter where you live.

Our mothership is in Örebro, Sweden, where we all gather a number of times a year. You’re welcome to hang around and meet us if you like, we love to meet new people. Today we’re represented in 2 time zones, 2 countries and 8 cities. We expect our footprint to grow in the coming years.