Why #theTIQQEcode one might ask. Well. Over the years I’ve been employed by various companies, small ones and gigantic ones and everything in-between. Every employer have had catch-phrases or company values, preferably written on the walls, and most of the times the employees had no personal connection to it or even thought about ”what does that mean for me?”

I joined TIQQE because I have the persuasion that we actually can accomplish what a few companies have, and that is to make sure that everyone that work at, with or for TIQQE understand our values and goals and sign up for them. I also strongly believe that our Code will let us minimize staff turnover and help us grow in an organic and healthy way, both internally with employees and externally with customers and partners. 

There’s of course a lot of things behind our Code. Amongst other things we did a workshop with all personell where management had no say in the matter, we just facilitated the workshop, and the main goal was to come up with ”How can we reach our goal where no employee, or customer, take the decision to leave TIQQE?”. All things coming out of that workshop are now reformed into actions and will be followed up on during this whole year. Next year we’ll do it all over again, and the fact that we plan to reevaluate each year is because we grow and we believe that we will keep on doing so in some way.

Once new people joins a group the dynamic shifts, it’s inevitable. So when we have our yearly kick-off next year there will be other answers to the question.What will remain untouched every year going forward is the foundation for the code – People first, regardless if it concerns employees, customers, partners or other humans that surronds TIQQE.

I don’t think that #theTIQQEcode means exactly the same for everyone here at TIQQE, but I’m certain that everyone believe in it. And it’s not that important is it? Whatever you personally interpret into the Code is what’s important because that is what makes it matters for you. #theTIQQEcode for me is a number of things but the three most important (for me) is: 
1. Encourage people to grow – and the business will follow
2. Let people be who and how they are – and the people will stay
3. See people where they are – in every part of life we have struggles and successes. When there’s struggle we must see each other even more, and when there’s success we must acknowledge it.

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Sofia Sundqvist

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