Some organizations put their employees first, arguing that happy employees will lead to happy customers. Some organizations do the other way around. We believe in both so we put both first. That’s why we believe in what we call #theTIQQEcode.

We believe that we can accomplish what a few companies have, and that is to make sure that everyone that work at, with or for TIQQE understand our values and goals and sign up for them. We treat all our employees as friends and we care more. We make sure they get the development they need, the challenge they are looking for and the feeling of being in a great team with great ambitions.

That’s why our culture at TIQQE is so important for everyone of us. We live and breathe our values to ensure that we create the last workplace for everyone.

Beyond expectations for our customers

We want to be the partner that every customer wants. Every customer wants to have a partner who goes that extra mile without any questions asked, who spark good ideas and understand the customers business.

However, that is not a common characteristic among suppliers these days. Trust is a scarce resource in the industry and we work hard to establish a trusted relationship where our customers feel that we always act in their best interest. That has also proven to be good for business because once the trust is established, customers tend to engage us more.

Win, win for everyone.

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