More and more companies across the globe are adopting the cloud. No matter what cloud you choose, getting started is easy. Follow a tutorial, register your credit card and you’re good to go. Getting a cloud foundation in place isn’t the difficult part, the difficult part is ensuring that you have a solid and secure foundation in place which is sustainable over time.

At TIQQE this is exactly what we provide our customers with, a solid foundation which is secure, scalable and tailor fitted to your needs depending on your specific requirements; Application Development, Integration, Cloud infrastructure, AI/ML, Analytics etc.

What we provide as a first step is the following:

Standardized account setup – How you define your accounts and structure is critical to enforce both security and accountability across your organization when your consumption of cloud services grows. Tagging policies to ensure that you can control spend and properly attribute it across the organization.

Identity and access management – Defining your user account configurations, access, and password standards. Creating roles and policies to enforce access controls so users follow the least privilege principle.

Security – This is critical for all layers of a landing zone and there are some additional items that need to be considered, such as compliance and data residency. Secure by design and control needs to be at the core of everything that is done. You should plan for a centralized security and logging approach, giving you a single pane of glass over multiple accounts or environments.

Networking – How you structure your networks, security groups, and connectivity requirements.

Elements such as VPN connections, Transit Gateways and other base network design are commonly used among organizations. Centralized networking simplifies your network setup and allows the network team to have a complete visibility of their network perimeter. 

Automation – Infrastructure-as-Code to ensure that your configurations are managed in a repeatable way, evolving via DevOps disciplines and tooling.

In most cases we are able to provide this within two weeks from start date and we will of course do this together with you as a customer listening and understanding your needs to create an environment built on this.

Already started your AWS Journey?

No worries, we will together do an assessment of your environment and make applicable changes to reach your needs.

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