TIQQE Talk is about ideas worth spreading to our wider community of followers and customers. We love to share our beliefs and insights and hope it can help someone.

TIQQE Talk is a digital program concept which is about spreading ideas that we have. It can be around for example a specific technology, a solution what we’ve built or a concept we want to share with others. It’s a short video recorded in our studio in Örebro.

TIQQE Talk is distributed in our digital channels.

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One of many benefits with cloud computing is the automation of incident handling. Automation in AWS equals lower production cost and infinite scaling. Listen to Max Koldenius and how TIQQE has automated incidents with AWS Step Functions. Sharing is caring.

The talk is in Swedish.


Where are Swedish organizations in terms of cloud adoption? How far have they come and what are holding them back? Listen to Malin Andersson and Anders Eriksson giving their view of where the market is today.

The talk is in Swedish.


Many customers we meet are worried about the security in the cloud so a relevant question is, is the cloud secure? In this talk, Kennet Wahlberg outlines the security mechanisms in the cloud and how they can be configured according to specific requirements from a business.

The talk is in English.

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