Time to market is increasingly more important to stay ahead of the competition companies need to move from idea to product very rapidly but with high stability, scalability and security. Serverless is the perfect fit for this because it allows us to delivery world class infrastructure, that is both security compliant and scalable without the massive team that usually comes with it.


Serverless is a new paradigm with in software development and will be an increasingly bigger part of every day life of developers. It allows us to focus on supplying customer value rather than focusing on setting up and maintaining infrastructure.


TIQQE = Serverless, we are passionate about Serverless architecture and love building Serverless applications. Our teams build, maintain and evolve applications. We usually start with a small team and can then scale that up with people in Sweden and the Philippines. We always apply a tech lead in the teams that has the overall technical responsibility and work close to key stakeholders in the business.