We are looking for a Serverless Tech Lead with a good balance between technical  and communication skills. You will be working closely with other passionate people will have a great opportunity to both learn new things and share your previous experiences. We are not looking for someone that knows everything, we are looking for a person that wants to learn. 

You will be working in a Serverless dev team where you will be the tech lead and have responsibility over the technical solution. You will be developing products using Serverless architecture for big well known companies as well as for mid sized companies.

Serverless tech stack and architecture

We are working with many of the Serverless AWS services. But we do have a few that is at the core of everything we do. AWS Lambda, API Gateway, S3, dynamodb and kinesis is definitely a few of the services that you will work with. Below is an example of web clients sending order info to a dynamodb. The lambda is exposed by AWS API gateway and protected by a JWT using a lambda as a custom authorizer.

Serverless architecture example

We develop most of our solutions using typescript and nodejs. If you have experience developing web applications using vue, angular, react or similar framework that is also a plus, since many of the teams develop fullstack applications.

What we expect from you:

  • that you have a desire to learn and don’t stop learning
  • that you always tell us if we are about to do something stupid
  • that you argue for your ideas
  • that you help our customers enable their ideas
  • that you help your team mates
  • that you are brave enough to refactor things that needs refactoring
  • that you are humble enough to say “good job” to the person next to you

What to expect from us:

  • A burning love for all things serverless
  • A place where people matters
  • Courage to say we were wrong
  • Technical excellency
  • A small startup company with great visions
  • Distributed teams
  • A place where we don’t always do what the customer tells us, but instead always does what is best for the customer