The start of a strategic partnership

Postnord is the leading supplier of communication and logistics solutions in the Nordic region, and provider of postal services to private households and corporate organizations in Sweden and Denmark. Their network is made up of over 8 000 distribution points in the Nordics of which 2 200 operate in Sweden.

Having delivered 2.6 billion letters and mailings, and 198 million packages in 2020 alone, Postnord is established as a trusted postal service provider, and they continue to nurture a strong, forward looking goal; to become the best logistics, communications, and ecommerce company in the Nordics.

“TIQQE has injected the right competence and culture to our team. Together we have transformed to a new way of working, constantly examining the results and adjusting the course and have found the fastest and cheapest way of accessing new technology”

The challenge

Prior to the partnership, Postnord had four different production systems for postal agents in every one of the Nordic countries, with each having its own country-specific solutions. This setup was not only inefficient and costly; it also lacked the scalability needed to accommodate the apparent growing demand for delivery services.

The situation was also urgent in Sweden and Denmark. The agent’s hardware setup for the Swedish production system was approaching end-of-life, while hardware agreements in the Denmark system have already expired, necessitating some manual work in parcel handling on the part of the agents. This called for immediate modernization measures.

Working together, both parties immediately identified what was needed for Postnord to move forward; transforming their monolithic legacy systems into an integrated, flexible, and efficient production model that could keep up with the expanding product portfolio and the burgeoning consumer demand for delivery services.

Jacob Welsh

Chief Executive Officer

+46 768 100714