Svenska Retursystem

Svenska Retursystem

How TIQQE supports Svenska Retursystem

In January 2021, we hit the jackpot: We got Svenska Retursystem as a client! Here’s how we support their journey towards serverless with AWS.

Svenska Retursystem is the smart cycle for the entire grocery industry. They deliver standardized load carriers and services to mainly wholesalers and grocery stores.

They have a massive amount of carriers in rotation every day. We’re talking breathtaking numbers between 18 – 20 million! And these carriers are booked up, all the time. 

” This means there is little to no room for time-consuming updates and system errors interrupting the cycle. Not even for a few hours, making a stable system critical and the work of our developers very delicate” –  Josefin Karlsson, tech lead at TIQQE.

One of the reasons Svenska Retursystem wanted to go serverless with AWS is that they weren’t satisfied with their current, server-based solution. To make the upgrade to AWS possible in this case, we first needed to redirect the data that went through their current system.

”We processed the data it in the same way as the old system did and forwarded it. This way, we were able to cut out their old system and replace it with our own integrations, making it remarkably easier for them to phase it out from their production” –  Per Wickberg, customer lead at TIQQE. 

Moving their integration to AWS also makes their daily operations easier and less vulnerable. Especially since we also manage the integrations, we both notice and solve issues before they get to affect Svenska Retursystem’s day-to-day operations.

”What we offer is more than just a single-time implementation. It’s a service where we manage the integrations and work proactively. Sometimes specific issues are so common that they become a natural part of the daily tasks, and by surveilling the integrations these issues can be solved directly. Thus saving our clients time and money spent on daily problem-solving” –  Josefin Karlsson.

For example, our developers noticed a reoccurring issue thanks to implementing surveillance in Svenska Retursystems integrations. We immediately dug into it and offered Svenska Retursystem a solution, before they even reflected upon the issue themselves.

And this is the main difference between a consultant and a partner: A consultant passively waits for orders to drop in, while a partner is proactive and engages in how to improve their clients business operation” – Per Wickberg.  

Do you want to follow Svenska Retursystem’s footsteps and upgrade your integration environment? Let’s get in touch! 

Jacob Welsh

Chief Executive Officer

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