We proudly present our new COO!

We’re very happy to announce TIQQEs new COO, Sofia Sundqvist! Another strategic recruitment who will be a key player in TIQQEs future strategy. Sofia has an excellent track record of building foundations where everyone has the possibility to thrive and reach there highest potential.

With our rapid growth and increasing demand from our customers we are very glad to have Sofia Sundqvist joining us at TIQQE as our new COO.

We believe in finding the best talent across the globe, no matter where you are from, you are welcome at TIQQE. This provides us with a huge opportunity but also a challenge when aligning our vision and  developing our culture across the globe. With Sofias impressive track record of finding objectives and visions to create a culture that encourages differences, rewards innovation and embraces change will be invaluable for TIQQEs future.

“Sofia is a critical addition to our team and is the puzzle piece which we needed to be able to fully execute on our strategy. She is dedicated to people and thrives in helping others succeed and reach there highest potential, which is a perfect match with our Employee first approach and to be the last employer for all employees. With her professionalism and charisma, we also know that she will be an excellent addition to our growing team

David & Jacob