The first kick-off

We just had our first kick-off at Tiqqe. We’ve already doubled in size and the future looks great!

In the beginning of August we had our first kick-off at Tiqqe and it was a great feeling, the energy and motivation in our team is just amazing. We spent most of the time setting out the strategy for the company and focused on our culture. We want to build a company where everyone stays and no one quits. I’ve come to realize that culture is everything, bad culture kills companies.

Me and Johannes started off in June but since then, we’ve moved into Creative House and we have recruited two amazing guys, Bj√∂rn Nilsson and Filip Pettersson. Both are important key players in building Tiqqe and super talented fullstack developers.

People are now contacting me for job opportunities and it’s great to be considered a potential workplace for others. Building a company is not the easiest thing and as I’m fully occupied in projects, I’ve opened up a dialogue with a potential CEO who can help me build Tiqqe. It’s not official yet so I will not reveal the persons name but everything is looking good and I’m hoping to close the deal soon.