Another strategic recruitment

We’re happy to announce two additional strategic recruitments for TIQQE, Joakim Restadh and Andreas Vallberg. Joakim and Andreas will be responsible for two key areas of TIQQE’s future.

“TIQQE is growing rapidly and the demand for our services are high, however it’s important for us to continue to develop our culture and to continue to challenge the present. This is why we know Andreas and Joakim will be great additions to our team. They both have strong track records within building a strong company culture, creating a foundation where everyone has the possibility to thrive, challenging the present and providing new ways to solve our customers challenges”  – David & Jacob

Joakim Restadh will be joining TIQQE as board member, responsible for Culture & Alliances.

Joakim will lead the continuous development of TIQQE’s People First Strategy and TIQQE’s zero vision in terms of staff turnover. He will also lead the progress of TIQQE’s alliances by developing strategic alliances over time. He will suggest and implement adjustments continuously, review and support alliance contracts and analyze financial justification for all alliances. He will also build new relationships with alliance partners both nationally & globally.

Andreas Vallberg will be joining TIQQE as board member, responsible for Technology and Innovation.

He will work with customers, focusing on the success of projects in forefront of technology, and take part in driving TIQQE’s technological cutting edge by constantly questioning the technical truths and ensuring that we continuously deliver competitive solutions & services.


We proudly present our new CEO!

We are very proud to announce our new CEO for the company, Jacob Welsh. This is another strategic recruitment and an important piece in our 5 year strategy. Jacob has an impressive track record of delivering customer value and will lead and implement the strategy at TIQQE.

With the increasing demand from our customers in building great solutions on Amazon Web Services, we are happy to announce another addition to our team. Our long term friend Jacob Welsh has decided to join TIQQE and will take on the role as CEO.

Jacob Welsh, born in England, has an impressive track record and is a true entrepreneur. He has the ability to inspire both customers and peers to create something out of the ordinary. He is the perfect leader of TIQQE and will take charge of the implementation of our 5 year strategy and continue building this company by delivering value to our customers. With his charisma and professionalism, he will boost our outstanding team. 

Former CEO, Anna Klang, will take on a new role as Head of Growth and Acquisitions, focusing on both growing TIQQE organically and by acquisitions.

Stay tuned for more exciting news in a near future!