How to make it work

I joined a new team from the beginning of this year at one of our customer. This project is more complex compared with my previous work since it involves more team-members and larger environments. I learnt a lot from this project and I would like to share some experiences that helped me grow.

1. We work closer to the customer.

My previous projects involve very little communications with customers. The customer delivery did most of the work. Differently, the current project requires the customer and the development team working closely. We meet at least once per week, either face to face or online (due to the current COVID-19 situations), to gather the user’s feedback with the following aspects from different locations,

  • User experience on current version of the product
  • Bugs and critical incidents reported by service desk
  • New feature requirements

Meanwhile the development team shows the progress to our customers. In my opinion, it is an efficient way to understand each other in both directions, and this helps us meet the customer requirements in time.

2. We work closer to the different teams.

My previous tasks require me working individually, while this project involves several teams with various assignments and co-workers from different time zones. That don’t cause us any trouble, since we find our way to work smoothly among the teams and individuals as follows: 

  • We start our job with a scrum daily, and it triggers my day by making a proper plan for myself and also keeping track of others’ progress. 
  • People in our team are nice and cooperative, we are willing to overcome obstacles together and share ideas with each other. When I was new in the team, I did the pair programming from time to time with senior members. The pair programming helped me to quickly understand the existing system and new knowledge.

3. We have stricter control of the code quality.

Code quality is important, as it impacts how secure, maintainable and reliable your codebase is. Particularly in this complex project, multiple teams can share the same repository. In order to improve the code quality, we have the code review and do the code refactoring. And I’ve gotten used to the “test-driven development” style, I realize the benefits of covering code by unit tests: 

  • Easy to troubleshoot if the codebase is broken due to a new submitting
  • Easy for others to understand the code being tested
  • Reduce the bugs and design flaws in the early stage

4. We have more comprehensive access to framework features and technologies.

It is always fun to learn new stuff. And I really appreciate that I have such an opportunity to learn AWS technologies by participating in this project together with awesome teammates.


Celebrating our first year

Time flies when you’re having fun. We just concluded our first year in business and had the birthday party in Varberg, Sweden. A few days with a busy schedule but also a lot of fun.

David Borgenvik is the founder of Tiqqe and started the business the 1st of June 2018. Johannes Uhr is the first employee at Tiqqe and the two started off from David’s kitchen. A lot has happened during our first year. We’re now close to 30 people with Tiqqe and are growing rapidly. We’ve moved into our own office in Behrn Tower, Örebro, and have been working hard to build the foundation for further growth.

We started off our birthday party with a picnic at the famous fortress in Varberg. The place is a magic scenery close to the sea. Food, drinks and snacks along with gaming such as kubb and we were off for a good start.

Varberg offered great weather during two couple of days and the main goal was to team up, get to know each other even better and plan for how we build a company that everyone wants to stay with and never quit. A lot of team activities had been prepared such as SUP, thaiboxing and explore Varberg by bicycle. We topped it off with a team dinner were everyone contributed to prepare a three course dinner and the result was marvelous.

Cheers and looking forward to our next year in business!