Bernard Peligro just joined TIQQE!

We’re excited to welcome Bernard to us at TIQQE!

A full stack web and mobile developer, he created an eCommerce website in-house using PHP and CodeIgniter. Of course a website without an app is not complete, so, he also made the eCommerce mobile app using Flutter and Dart for Android and iOS in just one code-base!And here’s more – he also created his own flat database like MongoDB in Golang out of leisure, which had lots of goroutine and channels to utilize multi-core processing power.

His background is mostly in the distribution and logistics industries, and having fun with VueJS and Vuetify for his front-end development.Offline, he never plays chrome-dinosaur games, but would have fun outdoors walking and jogging to grab some fresh air with his one and only chatterbox kid.


Per Wickberg just joined TIQQE!

We’re excited to welcome Per to us at TIQQE!

Who is Per?

My name is Per and I live in Örebro with my wife and three children. Before joining TIQQE I worked in the police department so this is definitely an exciting change in my carrier. In my spare time I like to watch TV-series and spend time with my family. I also have a big interest in wines so I try to visit southern Europe once in a while so I can discover new exciting producers.  

What did you know about TIQQE before you started?

I knew that they were a fast growing company focusing on AWS. I also knew about their flexible workoptions and their relaxed office environment.

Why did you want to join TIQQE?

In my former job I handled cooperating projects in both the private and public sector. In my new role at TIQQE I hope to grow and develop my customer relations and project management skills. A big part of joining was also that I got a really good impression during my initial talks with TIQQE. I got a feeling that it’s going to be fun to work here!

What is your role at TIQQE?

Business-/Customer Manager

What are you looking forward to in the nearest future?

To get to know my new colleagues, get organized  and get up to speed in my new team. Of course I look forward to a nice warm summer as well ☀️

Warm Welcome Per, we are happy to have you onboard!


A small interview with Mathias

Who is Mathias?
My name is Mathias and I’m from a small town wayout north in Sweden called Kiruna. A few years ago I moved to Örebro to study information technology at the university, where I just graduated 🍾. I’m currently living here together with my sambo and our dog. I like to spend my spare time hanging out with friends, playing video games and when I have the opportunity I like to climb, surf or ski.

What did you know about TIQQE before you started?
I knew that they were a modern, fast-growing company with a ton of experience in AWS.

Why did you want to join TIQQE?
Because I have been an intern at TIQQE this spring, I have got a very good impression of the culture and all the fantastic people within TIQQE. I feel like this is a perfect place for both personal and professional growth, and of course I think AWS is really interesting and fun.

What is your role at TIQQE?
Full stack developer.

What are you looking forward to in the nearest future?
I look forward to being able to meet and get to know all my colleagues. But also to learn new skills and be a part of this company’s journey.

Thank you for sharing Mathias, we are very happy for you wanting to join us!


Mothers day is coming up!

The day when you celebrate your mother, your children’s mother or any woman that is important to you a little bit extra. It’s a wonderful day and you’re acting just right to show them love and appreciation. All mothers are worth that. But behind more doors than you think there are mothers that don’t have it nice. The number of women and children facing mens abuse and threats are increasing, more than ever during this pandemic.
That’s why we at TIQQE decided to support “Another Mother”

The Women’s shelter in Örebro supports these women and their children with professional counseling, support and if needed sheltered living. By wearing this bracelet we at TIQQE show that we care for Another Mother.


Pol Peligro just joined TIQQE!

We’re excited to welcome Pol to us at TIQQE!

A full-stack developer experienced in developing various software and web applications. He has great experience working with programming languages such as Golang, Go WASM (WebAssembly), Python, Django, C#, VB.Net, PWA, PHP, and Codeigniter. He is focused on Test Driven Development while using Microservice Architecture for both backend and frontend development. He also has great experience with Serverless architectures and setting up Ubuntu web server, and Cloudflare technology for more advanced web application securities.

In terms of databases, he has great experience with MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres, and Oracle. But hey, Pol is not a programmer zombie! He believes in balancing life and work so when he is not coding and doing some awesome software, you’ll find him in his passion to share Golang knowledge in his Youtube Channel  “Maharlikans Code”, and helping his wife sell fresh tuna.


Rey Rafols just joined TIQQE!

We’re excited to welcome Rey to us at TIQQE!

A test engineer with 17 years extensive experience in software testing, both manual and automated. He has great experience with test automation in Bash, Python, Javascript, C#.net and has worked with frameworks and tools like Robot, Selenium, Protractor, Playwright, Katalon, Postman, etc. He has a strong drive in increasing software quality and delivery efficiency by continuously improving test automation and eventually reducing manual tests for better cost discipline. He also has great leadership experience with excellent communication and problem-solving skills, strong passion about work, creativity and innovation.

When not on a keyboard, you can see Rey jogging or running outdoors as he consistently meets his 10,000+ daily steps target, for close to a decade now. He’s also active in sports like basketball, badminton, even tennis and baseball. His soft side loves poetry which landed him a gorgeous wife.


Wendell Cabalhin just joined TIQQE!

We’re excited to welcome Wendell to us at TIQQE!

Wendell has been working in the Web Development industry and has developed various Web-Based System Applications for small-to-medium scale businesses. He is also able to provide customer support for issues that require technical expertise. Having the knowledge and strong experience in PHP, CodeIgniter, WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and PrestaShop platforms, his passion and eagerness in learning more for back-end and front-end web technologies is endless. He started learning docker, docker compose and WordPress Plugin development and integration to deliver quality results.

Volleyball is his hobby and having the position as middle hitter/blocker motivates him to play hard. Playing volleyball keeps him mentally, physically and emotionally fit.


Harvey Diaz just joined TIQQE!

We’re excited to welcome Harvey to us at TIQQE!

Harvey Diaz, the newest architect to join TIQQE, has a solid 15+ years of software development experience, providing solutions for various business verticals – ranging from digital ad service providers, to enterprise resource management vendors, to platform integration specialists, earning him a mark as well- rounded software architect. But the last 7 years has been more focused on specializing on the e-commerce industry and its integrations with shipping carriers and third- party logistics providers.

He was one of the main developers of an ecommerce software which proudly features self-integration with marketplaces, shipping and warehouse management, and which automates order syncing, label printing, bin pickup allocations, AI-assisted on-demand packing and pack railways, among others.

His technology playground includes but not limited to PHP, JavaScript, ECMAScript, CodeIgniter, service-oriented architecture services such as SOAP, RESTful and oData, shell scripting and anything Linux. He has worked with infrastructure architecture and infrastructure management, especially on the Google Cloud Platform. He also specializes on PCR DDS and GDPR compliance audits. He is a Novell-certified Linux administrator and a Novell data center technical specialist. For colleagues, he is a trustworthy problem solver.

He was previously a volunteer-trainer for free and open source software in Southeast Asia as part of the International Open Source Network, a United Nations Development Programme regional capacity building initiative. At free time, besides learning new technologies, he engages in community service and volunteerism, trying his best to make a positive change in society. He is currently the president of a local chapter of the Junior Chamber International in Cebu City.


SUP – blog

In November last year I was contacted by Mathias and Oskar who attend their last year of the Information technology program at Örebro University. They wondered if they could do their SUP (System Development Project) at TIQQE during this semester and now they will finally present what they came up to!

Who we are and what is the SUP?

We are two students from the Information technology program at Örebro University, who have studied together since the beginning of our studies. We are currently in our last semester. Our last semester involves carrying out a system development project, where you either do your own project or you carry out a collaboration project with external actors (such as a company).

The point of the SUP (system development project) is to apply and develop previously acquired skills in a longer project. The project means that we plan and carry out independent work where the focus is problem solving and application. This involves all parts of the system development, from analysis to implementation.

How did we end up at TIQQE?

For us, there was no doubt that we wanted to do the SUP at a company. So last year in November, we started thinking about what kind of company would suit both of us. For us, it was important to find a company that could offer a challenging project. But it was at least as important that the company’s culture and values were in line with our own, this was important because we wanted the best opportunities for personal and professional growth. We wanted to be in a place where it feels good and that we actually contribute something.
So we came in contact with an TIQQE:r who told us about TIQQE, the culture, values and what technologies they use. This caught our interest, so we contacted TIQQE because we wanted to know more about them and if they could possibly be interested in offering us a project. We had an interview, where it turned out that they were interested in a SUP project. They were able to offer us what we were looking for and best of all we got the same good feeling from those as we got from the TIQQE:r that we had spoken to earlier. So the journey started from here.

What is the project and what was the result? 

TIQQE had a time reporting and salary system that was working but the current processes were time-consuming and not sustainable for the future. It involved a lot of manual work, so TIQQE wanted us to review this and see if we could automate this instead.

We started by reviewing the current time reporting- and salary system to identify unnecessary time-consuming processes and then investigate what can be done smarter and what can be automated. After investigating we came up with a new design, created and implemented it.

The solution for the new salary system ended up to work like this: 

First we are collecting all the absence time entries from the past month from Clockifys API by making some GET requests. This data is then sorted so only TIQQE employees’ time entries are left. The data is then transformed into an XML file and saved in an S3 bucket. This is done with AWS Lambda. The Lambda then creates a temporary link for the file to be downloaded within 7 days. The link gets mailed out with SES to a group mail owned by TIQQE. From here the person responsible for the salary can just download the XML file from the group mail and import it to Visma (The salary system). 

When the automation of the salary system was implemented we started to work on creating an analyze tool with AWS Quicksight. This is done by getting a detailed report from Clockifys API by making a POST request from a Lambda. The data arrives in CSV format and gets transformed into JSON and saved in an S3 bucket. When the data is in the S3 bucket, a Crawler creates metadata for an ETL which transforms some data types into other data types and saves the newly formatted data as parquet into an S3 bucket. This data is then crawled to create metadata about the parquet files. With the new data in place, all we needed to do from here is to create SQL questions that are used in Quicksight to pick out relevant data. Then create the Diagrams to display the data. And now TIQQE can see things like total profit per month/year, profit per customer, and much more.

We have done some testing and everything seems to work. So now we are eager to put it in production. 

How has it been to do SUPEN at TIQQE? 

It has been a great experience. Everyone at TIQQE is super nice and we felt as if we were a part of the team since day one. They included us in meetings and activities if we wanted to join. We never got the feeling that we are “less worth” only because we are there and doing a school project, which is great. TIQQE also provided us with a good project at a perfect difficulty level. We also got a person to give us technical advice when things got a bit tricky. When we have talked to other students, some of them didn’t even get any technical specialists or advice, and this held them back quite a lot. Both from learning and from progressing with the project. We did not experience any of what some of our fellow students explained. So this was well done by TIQQE. Lastly, we want to thank everyone involved and TIQQE for allowing us to do this project. We learned a ton of new stuff. 

We been very happy to have you with us and great job with your SUP!!


Small interview with Joakim Akterhall

What did you know about TIQQE before you started?

I knew that TIQQE worked with Amazon Web Services and that the company strived for a good company culture, which basically was what made me interested. I was looking for a job with something interesting to work with (AWS) and where I would enjoy going to work everyday and TIQQE ticked both those prerequisites off. I also knew Jacob (TIQQE’s CEO) from before, and knowing how good of a person he is, I also knew that TIQQE would be a great place to work at since he worked there!

What was your first impression of TIQQE your first week?
Since we’ve been working from home the whole time it’s been a bit different compared to other jobs, but I’m also quite used to talking to people through Slack, Google Hangout and similar services so I didn’t think too much about it. But we started off with a couple of meetings and introductions during my first days so I got into contact with multiple colleagues straight away and got assigned a mentor that has been very helpful.

What is your role at TIQQE?
Full Stack developer, currently working with PostNord.

How has your first time been at TIQQE?
It’s been great! Everyone at TIQQE has been very nice and friendly, and I’ve gotten into a great team at PostNord. It’s a lot of fun and rewarding to work with something that is used daily!

What are you looking forward to in the nearest future?
I haven’t thought too much about that – since I just recently joined both TIQQE and the team at PostNord I’m just trying to get up to speed with everything and do my best!

What do you know about TIQQE now?

That it indeed is a great company, and I’m very happy that I joined! Looking forward to see what the future brings!

If you want to read why Joakim joined TIQQE follow the link here!