Boom! Our dream team is complete!

With our latest strategic recruitment, our dream team is complete. TIQQE will be headed by a real power couple – two insanely great performers.

Jacob Welsh joined TIQQE in november as our new Chief Executive Officer and Sofia Sundqvist joined in january as Chief Operating Officer. This power couple will work closely to lead and build TIQQE from now on. We are stunned and proud to be able to recruit such recognized performers as Jacob and Sofia.

We argue that TIQQE is the next generation IT company. Cloud computing provide opportunities for completely new business models, applications and services. As we are a cloud native company with years of experience in how to design, build, implement and run cloud solutions – we are on the cutting edge in our industry and ready to grasp the opportunity ahead.

During 2019, we’ve gathered a lot of great people in our company and we’re now ready to create magic for all customers who are ready for the next era of computing.

Stay tuned!


TIQQE supports children with cancer.

TIQQE support the important work of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund to eradicate childhood cancer. Every year, about 300 children and teens develop some form of cancer. In the world, approximately 250 000 children and teens get cancer every year.

But there is hope, more children than ever survive their cancer today. In the Christmas package we received as a sponsor, we met Julius who is 6 years old and has been treated little over 3 years for optic glioma, a type of brain tumour, at the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. Julius dreams of becoming a chef and is happy to show off a party trick or two when you meet.

Please support the Childhood Cancer Fund and join us in trying to make a small difference.