Jericho Albao is joining TIQQE

We’re happy to welcome Jericho to the TIQQE family!

A professional UX/UI designer for almost a decade now. Jericho has extensive experience in web graphics design, web development, and prototyping. Among the concepts, web technologies and tools he has experience working with is HTML, CSS, SASS, Grav CMS, GIT, Figma, Axure, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

He treasures his work and the various opportunities he gets to collaborate with his equally talented teammates. But being the extrovert artist that he is, he often finds inspiration doing the things he loves outside the office. He enjoys crafting and delivering speeches at his Toastmaster Club, being a beach bum in any of the country’s beautiful beaches, wandering foreign lands with workmates and doing philanthropic work with fellow members of the Lions Club International.

Jericho is engaged at Postnord in a team that will support the DevOps teams with sketches and prototypes to ensure user feeds, UX best practices and how to create a magic user experience.

Welcome to TIQQE!


Aldee Mativo is joining TIQQE

We’re happy to welcome Aldee to the TIQQE family.

A dedicated and very experienced sofware engineer who excels at developing web-based applications. A great team player and used to Scrum methodology. Deeply skilled in developing web-apps. Fully masters the entire development stack including testing and deployment. A passionate developer with great experience working with Linux environment and the AWS Architecture and services. Aldee is always thrilled to learn new technologies.

When Aldee is away from his workstation, he spends a lot of time with his parents and Aivy, his partner in life. He’s a certified dog lover too ;-).

Aldee is engaged as an experienced Fullstack Developer in a distributed DevOps team at our customer, Postnord. He works closely with Benjamin as a serverless developer.

Welcome to TIQQE!


We proudly present our new CEO!

We are very proud to announce our new CEO for the company, Jacob Welsh. This is another strategic recruitment and an important piece in our 5 year strategy. Jacob has an impressive track record of delivering customer value and will lead and implement the strategy at TIQQE.

With the increasing demand from our customers in building great solutions on Amazon Web Services, we are happy to announce another addition to our team. Our long term friend Jacob Welsh has decided to join TIQQE and will take on the role as CEO.

Jacob Welsh, born in England, has an impressive track record and is a true entrepreneur. He has the ability to inspire both customers and peers to create something out of the ordinary. He is the perfect leader of TIQQE and will take charge of the implementation of our 5 year strategy and continue building this company by delivering value to our customers. With his charisma and professionalism, he will boost our outstanding team. 

Former CEO, Anna Klang, will take on a new role as Head of Growth and Acquisitions, focusing on both growing TIQQE organically and by acquisitions.

Stay tuned for more exciting news in a near future!


Johan Byrén is joining TIQQE!

We are very proud to grow our TIQQE family with another highly skilled serverless guru.

Johan has long experience of working with cloud architecture solution development, is a highly skilled fullstack developer who manages AWS serverless architecture and development front to backend. He also has long experience in CI/CD and autonomous testing, unit tests, integration tests, regression tests as well as cloud migration and architecture reviews.
Johan is a team player in everything he does. He really enjoys solving problems together with others and to work in a team that strives for perfect solutions in the best interest of the customer. Johan really commit himself to the tasks. This makes him a quick learner
that always looks for ways of developing his knowledge bank. 

Johan is also a great athlete & an ultimate frisbee athlete for the Swedish national team, loves to travel the world and has a personal interest in trading.


TIQQE makes a strategic recruitment

We are thrilled to announce Anders Eriksson as Head of Sales & Marketing. Anders has been a part of the company since January as a part time sub contractor to deliver transition and transformation services to our customers. From the 21st of October, Anders will take on the responsibility for taking TIQQE to the next level in sales and marketing with an objective to realize an ambitious 5 year growth plan.

This is a strategic recruitment for TIQQE and part of our 5 year growth plan. We need to build our brand awareness and establish a strong outbound capability to reach out with our value proposition to the market.

Anders has a long and solid experience with a proven track record in both sales and marketing . The past 15 years, Anders has worked as interim Sales Director in various IT companies to develop sales organizations in the Nordic region with a focus on creating growth, profitability and customer satisfaction. Before that, Anders held positions as sales manager and sales representative for different IT companies.

Besides Anders competence, he has a perfect match with our core values at TIQQE and are a strong believer in people first, customer first.


AWS Advanced Partner

TIQQE has done an amazing journey and has gone from Standard to AWS Advanced partner in record time! We are really proud of what we have achieved in this short time and we are committed to take even more steps to deepen our partnership with AWS!

Looking for AWS experts?

Contact TIQQE! We are the nicest AWS partner in the Nordics! ❤️

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Janita Sohlin is joining Tiqqe

We’re proud to welcome Janita Sohlin as our new Head of Finance and Administration.

As Tiqqe continue to grow, we need to strengthen our administrative and financial control. Janita will manage accounting, invoicing and monitoring of our KPI’s to ensure that we stay healthy and profitable. She will also support our employees with HR services to make sure that everyone are taken care of.

Janita has an eye for the details, she never miss a thing whether it is numbers or tasks. She will work out of Varberg as part of our distributed team.


Anders Eriksson is joining Tiqqe

We just signed a sub-contract with Anders Eriksson who will join Tiqqe as a Cloud Transition Advisor.

As of January, Anders Eriksson, will join Tiqqe as an advisor within the area of Cloud Transition. We believe the market demand for cloud transition expertise will be high in the next coming years as more and more companies decide to move to cloud.

Anders has developed a structured approach to how a company can assess cloud versus their current platform, may it be on-premise, co-location or even outsourced. It’s a complex process to gather all the information required to take a strategic decision to move to cloud and Anders will be able to support a customer decision team with necessary information.

Cloud Due Diligence is the name of the service and will be introduced as an offering shortly.