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Working at TIQQE from another time zone

Jobeth Tampus is the first who joined TIQQE from Cebu in the Philippines, when TIQQE was just 1 month old. She is a senior fullstack developer with tons of experience and very appreciated by both her peers and customers, a superstar. Jobeth shares her own experience in this blog post.

When I first started out with TIQQE last June 2018, the company TIQQE was just starting out. I was excited to work with a new company! The onboarding was swift and David Borgenvik was the one who interviewed me. During the first meet-and-greet session, we discussed what my role was, what was expected from me and what I expected from them.

I got introduced to the people I was going to work with and got the overview of the project. David was so welcoming that I looked forward to work with him. In the next sessions, we had a technical dive into the code repositories we would be working with. We did pair-programming sessions. There, I got to peek into the code and I got a better understanding while David discussed the tasks. Then, he left me some small tasks so that I could explore the code on my own.

Experience, indeed, is the best teacher. It is faster to learn and absorb new stuff when you start interacting with it. And, being able to contribute to the project so soon and get feedback felt good! Easing into the new role was smooth.

Time flew. Two years has passed and TIQQE has grown so fast! There’s a lot of us now – some are here in Cebu, some in Sweden and a few in Italy.

But, the distance and time zone is negligible. It never felt that we are separate at all. Everybody’s so nice and approachable. We’re all just a chat or video call away! At work, we have tools that we use to collaborate on the code so we can still pair-program despite the distance. As an agile team, we have daily calls to do our stand ups. Other times, we just chat and have lively discussions online. With so many tools at hand, communication and collaboration is not an issue.

TIQQE is filled with such nice, warm people where there’s a culture of support, appreciation and feedback. We are able to raise our concerns and have healthy, respectful discussions in our work. We have a culture of learning and growing so we don’t stagnate in our jobs, and we have passionate people at work. So, it’s always fun and challenging everyday, and I never felt out of place.

Thanks for sharing Jobeth!


You say “off-shore”, we say multicultural. #part1

The traditional view of working with people that’s not in your time-zone, or that don’t fit in in your countries culture is that it’s not people. Rather FTE’s where you can send your bulk-work. Or not all work… because ”they don’t do anything if it’s not in the specification. And god forbid that you forget anything in that specification. Even if it’s chrystal clear that it should be done, it won’t if it’s not written down.”

We don’t look at it from that perspective. The big difference is that we work together with all our developers regardless of location.One of our core values is that ”we build everything in teams”. That puts some pressure on us solving our geographical distance, different time-zones and technical behavior.

It’s also of essence that we can manage to involve every one that is a part of a team so that the feeling is that it is borderless. We never ever communicate with Italy or Philippines just through specifications or managers, we communicate face-to-face (even if it’s digital) and developers to developers.

If we’re adding team-members to a team, the interviewer can be either here in Sweden or in the Philippines. When we contact customers, it can be from here in Sweden or from Italy. It really doesn’t matter. For us, people together with our joint technical expertise comes first. If we can build successful teams where not all members happens to live in Sweden. So be it.

What matters to us, is that we deliver the expected outcome and that we keep having people in the teams that are nice, support each other and help each other grow their technical and soft-skills knowledge. Now you might wonder how we solve it in our every-day life. Well, stay tuned and the answer will come.

To give you a short summery of TIQQEs cultural compote.  At TIQQE we are 27 people employed in Sweden from three nationalities. Swedish, Italian and Chinese.  We have part of our sales office in Florence – Italy and we have 21 developers working with us from Cebu – Philippines. We are roughly 33% women aiming for 50%.