Kodayoga is the new black

In March a young lady reached out to us, Yasnia. She told us about an initiative that she, together with Caroline and Frida, wanted to create an event around. With the mission to inspire and attract more women to our tech-industry through kodayoga. The unbeatable combination of developing code and practicing yoga.

Of course we wanted to be a part of this. So we can proudly present that TIQQE is not only Yasnia’s new workplace from 1st of September, we are also one of the sponsors of this upcoming event taking place the 3rd of October at Creative House in Örebro.

After the event we invite women to our office at TIQQE to mingle and meet like-minded and hopefully get some inspiration. We will provide lighter snacks and drinks but due to Corona we only have a limited number of seats.

Registration will open the 14th of September so stay tuned on their website or subscribe to #kodayoga on LinkedIn for updates.


Halftime and time for vacation

We have just passed the second half of 2020, who would have predicted that this is how it would look like? What a huge impact Covid-19 has had on the entire market. Thanks to all employees, customers and partners who have supported us beyond imagination.

It was just about 6 months ago we had our yearly kickoff with our employees at TIQQE. We shared our vision and mission and put our strategy in place together with our employees.

Two months later Covid-19 hit the Swedish market hard, it put us all in a different mode, which was, how do we ensure that we are able to keep all our people during these difficult times. It was a time where we all needed to put our heads together, work as a team every step of the way. This included everything from cutting costs, re-focusing sales, making sure that everyone was well informed and most importantly communication.

We decided our top priority was to first and foremost ensure not letting go of any of our staff and from that decide the priorities and decisions. Sales was more than ever an extremely important part of the solution to rapidly reach out to the market and interpret where the market is, where the customers are and how we align our offerings to the market. Within two weeks, all the actions we had brainstormed where executed on and we found our fit in this uncertain market. Time passed and we worked with different scenario planning, if this happened then we need to do this and if this happens, we should do that etc. Some came true some didn’t. We executed and we broke many eggs, somethings worked some didn’t, we learnt and then moved forward with the next idea.

Was it all doom and gloom? Of course not, it challenged us all, it challenged us to think differently. We had different circumstances than before and we found better and more effective ways to interact with our customers. When it came to our employees, we needed to be creative and we tried many different things and most recently we had a summer party online with all our employees, something we hadn’t even imagined possible 6 months ago.

The result?

Even during these challenging times, we still managed to grow in pretty much every area.

  • 0% turnover of customers & employees
  • 76% growth with new employees
  • Improved diversity from 17% women to 33%
  • 100 % growth with new customers
  • All time high in employee satisfaction (eNPS)
  • All time high in customer satisfaction (NPS)

With this blog we would like to share with you the past 6 months at TIQQE but also to send out a huge thank you to all our customers, employees and partners who have all been extremely important. Thank you and we look forward to work with you and hopefully be able to meet face to face in the near future.

Thank you!


AWS Summit Online 2020

June 17, 2020 – You are well on your way to the best day of the year for cloud! Join the AWS Summit Online and deepen your knowledge with this free, virtual event if you are a technologist at any level. There is something for everybody.

Hear about the latest trends, customers and partners in EMEA, followed by the opening keynote with Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon.com. All developers at TIQQE are always attending Werner’s keynotes.

After the keynote, dive deep in 55 breakout sessions across 11 tracks, including getting started, building advanced architectures, app development, DevOps and more. Tune in live to network with fellow technologists, have your questions answered in real-time by AWS Experts and claim your certificate of attendance.

So, whether you are just getting started on the cloud or are an advanced user, come and learn something new at the AWS Summit Online.

Want to get started with AWS? At TIQQE, we have loads of experience and are an Advanced Partner to AWS. Contact us, we’re here to help.

What to expect


4 ways to reduce cost and increase liquidity.

Many companies are under tremendous financial pressure due to the COVID-19 virus. We sat down to figure out what we can do to help and came up with 4 ways of how we can reduce cost and increase liquidity in the short term for a company. We are posting these 4 ideas in a blog series.

4 ways to reduce cost and increase liquidity

We provide 4 hands-on ideas of how you can reduce cost and increase liquidity in the short term. All ideas include financial examples to provide a clear view of the potential of each idea in your context. We have created 4 business case templates to help you customize and translate each idea into tangible value for your organization, just give us a call and we will help you. Bring some good news to your CFO in these challenging times with some hands-on, concrete and proactive ideas of how to reduce IT costs.

Idea #1 – Hardware refresh

With a depreciation cycle of 36 months, you’re looking at a 33% replacement of servers and storage in your datacenter this year. Now is a good time to challenge the default decision to replace those servers with new ones and consider cloud instead.

Read hardware refresh post

Idea #2 – Integration platform replace

Every organization needs to connect data between applications and databases to support their business processes. There are a lot of ways of solving the integration need but many companies have bought an integration platform from one or more of the major product vendors in the market such as Microsoft Biztalk, Tibco, Mulesoft, IBM Websphere etc. If you’re one of them, we have good news for you and your CFO.

Read integration platform replace post

Idea #3 – incident automation

Incident handling is often a highly manual process in most companies. It requires 1st, 2nd and 3rd line resources in a service desk to manage error handling of the applications, databases and infrastructure. Further more, some expert forum, or Change Advisory Board, are usually in place to work with improvements to reduce tickets and incidents. A lot of people is required just to keep the lights on. Imagine if you could automate most of your incidents.

Read incident automation post

Idea #4 – infrastructure optimization

Managing cloud infrastructure is different to managing infrastructure on-prem. It’s easy to provision new resources but it’s equally easy to forget to decommission resources when they’re not needed. Further more, performance tuning is often not part of daily routines and only performed when there are performance problems. Optimization is not supposed to be performed occasionally but rather on a regular basis to ensure a cost effective use of cloud computing. If you need to find quick ways of reducing your costs, optimizing will be one tool to use to bring good news to your CFO.

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Update from Christoffer

Follow our new colleague, Christoffer Pozeus, and his experience of joining TIQQE. Christoffer has documented his impressions of TIQQE as an employer in a series of vlogs – time for vlog #3.

Christoffer is passionate about technology and has been digging into the art of designing and building fault tolerant, self-healing, elastic and highly available systems on AWS for several years. He’s been working with some of the major automotive companies the past years and set up enterprise class architecture for autonomous driving initiatives.

In this vlog, Christoffer is just about to join the yearly kickoff with TIQQE at Loka Brunn and share his thoughts of the onboarding process so far.

Don’t miss his previous vlogs

vlog #1

vlog #2

vlog #3 – Christoffer is about to join the yearly kickoff at TIQQE

Thanks for sharing Christoffer!


New vlog from Christoffer

Follow our new colleague, Christoffer Pozeus, and his experience of joining TIQQE. Christoffer has documented his impressions of TIQQE as an employer in a series of vlogs – time for vlog #2.

Christoffer is passionate about technology and has been digging into the art of designing and building fault tolerant, self-healing, elastic and highly available systems on AWS for several years. He’s been working with some of the major automotive companies the past years and set up enterprise class architecture for autonomous driving initiatives.

In the last vlog, Christoffer shared his thinking before meeting everyone at TIQQE’s yearly christmas party. In this episode, he will reveal how he felt afterwards.

vlog #1

Thanks for sharing Christoffer!

vlog #2 – Christoffer shares his thoughts after meeting everyone the first time

Boom! Our dream team is complete!

With our latest strategic recruitment, our dream team is complete. TIQQE will be headed by a real power couple – two insanely great performers.

Jacob Welsh joined TIQQE in november as our new Chief Executive Officer and Sofia Sundqvist joined in january as Chief Operating Officer. This power couple will work closely to lead and build TIQQE from now on. We are stunned and proud to be able to recruit such recognized performers as Jacob and Sofia.

We argue that TIQQE is the next generation IT company. Cloud computing provide opportunities for completely new business models, applications and services. As we are a cloud native company with years of experience in how to design, build, implement and run cloud solutions – we are on the cutting edge in our industry and ready to grasp the opportunity ahead.

During 2019, we’ve gathered a lot of great people in our company and we’re now ready to create magic for all customers who are ready for the next era of computing.

Stay tuned!


Something worth bragging about!

Last December TIQQE was awarded the AWS Advanced Partner status for the second time. Second time? Nothing new there. So what are they bragging about. We brag because it’s of strategic importance for us to hold the AWS Advanced Partner status to be able to support you all, in the best way possible. And of course, just to be able to brag about the achievement. Why you may ask yourself? Allow me to explain.

As a partner, not only to AWS, but also to our customers. We want to be relevant as an AWS expert partner, not just a partner providing resources. A strategic and important steppingstone on this journey is the Advanced Partner status. The Advanced Partner status opens up several different competence tracks inside AWS for a partner company like TIQQE. When we seek to deepen our knowledge in AWS for the benefit of our customers. Not having the Advanced Partner status will keep these tracks closed for an AWS partner as well as their customers.

What does the Advanced Partner label say about TIQQE? The Advanced Partners status is nothing you get without a track record. It shows that a partner company has a proven track record in providing business value on the AWS platform for its customers.

To be awarded an AWS Advanced Partner status, a partner company needs to prove for AWS that they have:

  • Documented and public testimonies from customers about what kind of business value they have contributed with.
  • Several named individuals that have reached a certain level of technical and business certifications on AWS.
  • Good and documented relationship with AWS customers.
  • A drive to continuously improve the knowledge in the AWS platform.
  • Capability to develop the business value of their customers AWS investments.

And we need to do this over and over again. And we cannot do it without asking our customers to contribute. Therefore we need to continuously develop our partnership with our customers in order to motivate them to helping us keeping the Advanced Partner status with AWS. We think this is a win-win-win situation. 

I dare to claim that if you truly looking for an AWS partner, you shall not accept anything less than one that holds an AWS Advanced Partner status. So why not select one that brag about it? Welcome to contact us!


We proudly present our new COO!

We’re very happy to announce TIQQEs new COO, Sofia Sundqvist! Another strategic recruitment who will be a key player in TIQQEs future strategy. Sofia has an excellent track record of building foundations where everyone has the possibility to thrive and reach there highest potential.

With our rapid growth and increasing demand from our customers we are very glad to have Sofia Sundqvist joining us at TIQQE as our new COO.

We believe in finding the best talent across the globe, no matter where you are from, you are welcome at TIQQE. This provides us with a huge opportunity but also a challenge when aligning our vision and  developing our culture across the globe. With Sofias impressive track record of finding objectives and visions to create a culture that encourages differences, rewards innovation and embraces change will be invaluable for TIQQEs future.

“Sofia is a critical addition to our team and is the puzzle piece which we needed to be able to fully execute on our strategy. She is dedicated to people and thrives in helping others succeed and reach there highest potential, which is a perfect match with our Employee first approach and to be the last employer for all employees. With her professionalism and charisma, we also know that she will be an excellent addition to our growing team

David & Jacob


AWS Advanced Partner

We’re pleased to announce that TIQQE has been approved as AWS Advanced Partner status for 2020 in AWS annual partner review.

We continue to see strong growth and demand for AWS experts in the market. As specialization is a key objective for TIQQE, certifications and moving up the qualification ladder on AWS are important evidence to prove our commitment and our skills for customers looking for deep technical expertise in their digital journey on AWS.

TIQQE have invested significantly and built a strong AWS practice and are committed to building a leading cloud practice. We have extensive experience in deploying customer solutions on AWS with a strong bench of trained and certified technical experts.

Jacob Welsh, CEO

The partner status at AWS indicate our ability to help customers of all types and sizes to design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS, accelerating their journey to the cloud. The AWS Advanced Partner requires a high certification level, a proven ability to identify AWS opportunities, a large amount of approved customer satisfaction responses and official customer references.

If you’re looking for the best AWS experts in the market, you can safely turn to TIQQE for advice and good ideas. Our trademark is execution, we get stuff done according to good practices and our proven track record.