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Born in the cloud and 100% focused on AWS, TIQQE specializes in leveraging the best tools and AWS managed services to design, build and run serverless solutions for our clients in the Nordics.

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4 ways of reducing cost short term

Many companies are under tremendous financial pressure. We sat down and came up with 4 ideas of how you can reduce cost and increase liquidity in the short term.

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Digital transformation at Postnord

Read about Postnord’s remarkable digital transformation journey

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Come work with us!

My name is Alicia and I’m managing recruitment at TIQQE. We’re constantly looking for talent to our growing family. Read more about what TIQQE can offer you.

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What is #theTIQQEcode? It’s our mission statement and it influences everything we do to keep both employees and customers.

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Simply: AWS Lambda

Why should I use Lambda? Filip Pettersson explains why and how you get started in this blog post.

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Simply: AWS DynamoDB

Get started with DynamoDB. Filip Pettersson get you started in this blog post.

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Is The Cloud secure?

We meet this question when talking with companies about migrating to the The Cloud. It’s an interesting question, but in general wrong. A better question is; “Is The Cloud suitable for me?”

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How to get started with AWS

Getting started with AWS may be a challenging task. Christoffer Pozeus help you get going in this blog post.

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Decide security posture for your Landing Zone

This is a follow up article to “How to get started with AWS” by Christoffer Pozeus. In this blog post, he will turn the focus on securing the data.

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You need a Cloud First Strategy

Should I use my data center or the cloud for the company’s new application? That’s not a relevant question anymore. Cloud should be the first choice every time and only certain circumstances should be the exception.

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Our road to serverless

A short story of how we started up with serverless back in the days.

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"The Cloud is expensive!"

It’s a common opinion in the market that cloud is more expensive than running a datacenter. Anders Eriksson offers some perspective in this blog post.

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Getting started with Serverless

What tools are available if you want to start building your own serverless applications? Read this blog post by Johannes Uhr and get going.

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Continuous delivery in AWS

What tools are available for continuous delivery in AWS? Erik Lundevall Zara provide a comprehensive overview in this blog post.

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Monitoring stuff in AWS

We are using AWS Quicksight as our monitoring solution. Max Koldenius explains how it all works.

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