Chris Torregosa just joined TIQQE!

We’re happy to welcome Chris Torregosa to our growing family at TIQQE. Chris will join our UI/UX team at one of our strategic customers.

Chris has over 5 years of experience in the UX and visual design industry with a master’s degree in Design. His experience encompasses working in advertising, publishing, software tech, and hardware tech companies. This wide scope of industries earned him skills imperative in every design process such as eye in design, deep knowledge in user/customer research and team collaboration.

How he works transcends from understanding users with personas, journey mapping, rapid prototyping, and usability testing; designing delightful experiences with UX design, interaction design, and visual design; to building brand strategy with his expertise in typography, logo design, and visual storytelling. Chris will engage in helping Postnord on their digital customer journey.

Welcome Chris!


Richard Vergis just joined TIQQE!

We are very proud to announce that Richard has joined the TIQQE family and will be engaged in important development tasks at PostNord.

Richard is a backend-developer who likes to build and improve software that solves real-world business problems, aiming for positive business impact. He is inspired by a high productivity culture and innovation, always walking the line between perfection and a getting-it-done mentality.

Richard uses the best practices he has learned to help his clients achieve their goals. He also loves learning about anything, especially if it makes him better at his craft. We look forward to work with you and to be inspired by you and your great experience in AWS and node.js


Cajza Nydén just joined TIQQE!

We are thrilled to welcome Cajza Nydén to our growing family. Cajza is a fullstack developer and will strengthen one of our customer teams. We asked a couple of questions to Cajza about her first impressions of TIQQE and why she decided to join.

What did you know about TIQQE before you started?

I knew TIQQE as a young company that focuses on AWS and is growing fast.

Why did you want to join TIQQE?

It was TIQQE’s values that attracted me. As a junior developer I wanted to work at a place where I’m not only judged on how much I know now, but on what I’m able to learn as well and TIQQE values your willingness to learn just as high as your skills.

What was your first impression of TIQQE?

My first day was at the kick-off, where we had workshops on how to work towards our vision. I felt good to be allowed to be a part of that and it made me feel included from the very start. I got the impression that TIQQE doesn’t only talk the talk about listening to its people, they walk the walk. 

What is your role at TIQQE?

I’m a junior fullstack developer in a team working with Postnord. 

How has your first time been at TIQQE?

My first time at TIQQE has been really exciting! I have already learned so much and met so many smart and passionate people. It has been high tempo, learning by doing and very fun!

What are you looking forward to in the near future?

I look forward to to never stop learning and developing my skills further. 

What do you know about TIQQE now?

I now know that TIQQE is a company that really cares about its people, about its customers and about working with things they believe in.

Thanks for sharing Cajza!


Martina Della Corte is joining TIQQE

We are thrilled to announce Martina Della Corte as a new colleague. Martina is a fullstack developer and will strengthen one of our customer teams. We asked a couple of questions to Martina about her first impressions of TIQQE and why she decided to join.

What did you know about TIQQE before you started?

I got to know about TIQQE from two friends who described TIQQE as “an amazing company, with amazing people” and as a “cool company that works with the cloud”. Then I read more about TIQQE on the website and I discovered the “serverless company” approach.

Why Did you want to join TIQQE?

Hearing my friends speaking about TIQQE and reading more about it, made me feel like that this was exactly the opportunity I was looking for – a place where I could apply my knowledge and improve my skills, a place where I could have the opportunity to work with the latest technologies, approaches and solutions. I felt that TIQQE was a company that looks into the future.

What was your first impression of TIQQE this week?

This first week confirmed the feelings I had before I started. Plus, I realized I am surrounded by very professional developers: I’ve listened them speaking about work to do, I saw them having meetings and it was clear that they know how to do their job and how much passion they have for it. That made me feel really lucky because I understood that I can improve a lot, both as a person and as a developer, working with them.

What is your role at TIQQE?

I am a full-stack developer

How was your first time been at TIQQE?

I think that my first time was in reality in February when I joined for the monthly meeting at lunch and it was like being in a special place, a different company compared to the others. I have never had that kind of feeling in my previous working experience and I got the same feeling when I started this Monday.

What are you looking forward to in the nearest future?

I am looking forward to show that I can be part of TIQQE, that I can add value to the company both as a person and as a developer. I am part of the MIMIRO project and I am looking forward to paying back the trust shown in me, working well and with passion, as I always do.

What do you know about TIQQE now?

I know that TIQQE is an IT company that looks to the future working with cloud computing, that the people working at TIQQE are nice people and amazing developers. I know that TIQQE cares about people and about customers and I know more about the structure of the company.

Thanks for sharing Martina!


Annie Estaloza is joining TIQQE

We’re happy to welcome Annie to the team, an experienced test engineer who will strengthen one of our customer teams.

Annie is a very experienced and delivery-driven test engineer with a strong sense of responsibility. She has worked with different test management and defect tracking tools and are experienced in Javascript, SQL, API, and Proxy debuggers. She also has an excellent working experience in scrum/agile methodology.

Annie is a great team player and an experienced team leader. She likes learning new technologies especially when it comes to software testing – new things fuels her mind. During her spare time, Annie enjoys traveling – exploring new places, learning about their culture, and people. She also likes cooking, and often watches cooking programs to learn techniques and new dishes.