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2021 is coming to its end!

2021 is coming to its end and with this blog we would like to share some of our reflections and experiences from this year.

We are very proud of what TIQQE has accomplished during this year, when reflecting on what has gone well. It’s never been based on one person’s efforts but always on the efforts from our teams and what we have achieved is what we have collectively done. All from challenging situations, tight deadlines etc it’s always our different teams which enable TIQQE’S success.

The year kicked off with moving from our beloved TIQQE Tower into our new office in Slottsgatan 8A in Örebro which has been given the name TIQQE Tower:ish, not the same panorama view but much bigger and where we can all fit.

The first half of the year went by really fast. We welcomed many new friends to TIQQE and several new customers.

We had some ideas which of course we thought would be great, some were and some weren’t. But we made sure when ideas didn’t go as we expected we quickly evaluated and stopped and if it was good ideas we of course continued to develop further.

Last year we introduced our leadership program for all our employees. This is a way for us to get to get to know one another better and how we effectively work in teams even when it’s not plain sailing. We run our leadership programs on a 6 month basis over 6 occasions for new friends joining our journey.
This year it’s been held by Filip Petersson & Johannes Uhr which has been highly appreciated! 

Our E-NPS is very important for us to be able to ensure our friends’ well-being, during the pandemic most of the numbers have increased however one which we struggled with was our health and happiness, this is something we really wanted to improve. After the summer this year we welcomed Gada Jameel who is responsible for HealthOps at TIQQE, supporting us all from what we eat to our physical activity. If you are close to Örebro on a Wednesday around lunch you will find many of us in a heavy group training, on a Thursday morning it’s a morning walk around Örebro and Friday it’s Yoga.

This year we have made and welcomed 26 new friends who have decided to join our journey and have welcomed 8 new customers. 

Thank you to all our customers, employees and partners for this year and wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Jacob & Sofia

Jacob Welsh

O76- 810 07 14

Sofia Sundqvist

076- 810 07 15

“Enable ideas, challenge the present, never stop learning and always be nice.“