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We are proud to welcome Svenska Retursystem as a new customer to TIQQE and to be selected as their Integration partner moving forward. Svenska Retursystem is the smart cycle for our food. ‘Our background is a belief that the entire grocery industry would benefit from a common system for carriers, where responsibility would be administered and handled by a common party’.

Our system is based on standardized load carriers and standardized services that provide efficient and sustainable product flows for all players throughout the chain, from the producer to the store or restaurant. Through cooperation and reuse, we reduce the industry’s environmental impact. Our driving force isto create efficient processes at all levels and we therefore constantly work to develop simple, efficient and sustainable solutions for the industry.

This creates a high demand for internal and external integrations.

Svenska Retursystem where looking for a partner who could support them along their journey with a solution which meets their needs.

TIQQE’S Serverless Integration Service is built on AWS and provides their customers with a scalable and price efficient solution.

Welcome to TIQQE, we’re proud and honored to be part of your journey and looking forward to a long-term partnership.

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