A small interview with Mathias

Who is Mathias?
My name is Mathias and I’m from a small town wayout north in Sweden called Kiruna. A few years ago I moved to Örebro to study information technology at the university, where I just graduated 🍾. I’m currently living here together with my sambo and our dog. I like to spend my spare time hanging out with friends, playing video games and when I have the opportunity I like to climb, surf or ski.

What did you know about TIQQE before you started?
I knew that they were a modern, fast-growing company with a ton of experience in AWS.

Why did you want to join TIQQE?
Because I have been an intern at TIQQE this spring, I have got a very good impression of the culture and all the fantastic people within TIQQE. I feel like this is a perfect place for both personal and professional growth, and of course I think AWS is really interesting and fun.

What is your role at TIQQE?
Full stack developer.

What are you looking forward to in the nearest future?
I look forward to being able to meet and get to know all my colleagues. But also to learn new skills and be a part of this company’s journey.

Thank you for sharing Mathias, we are very happy for you wanting to join us!

Alicia Hed

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