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What is a holistic coach?

Health Ops is a term that stands for many things and also no things at all since it is made up. I thrive to help people at TIQQE reach their highest potential in their health. Because of that, I see myself as a coach with a holistic approach.

But what is a holistic coach exactly?
The word “holistic” might make you think of homemade granola, but really “holistic” means more “comprehensive”. With that said, as a holistic coach my ambition is to address the whole person, in the context of their life such as:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Enviormental
  • Relational
  • Exsistential 
  • Mental 

You might think, why holistic?
Because this approach acknowledges that physical health is deeply intertwined with every facet of a person’s life: relationships, mindset, spirituality and more. They are all connected. Each one can improve the others. 

My plan for TIQQE is to lead my colleagues to their goal with this kind of approach. My experience from how today’s society works, is that our mind receives lots of information especially from social media. The information might give signals about what/how to do things in non individualistic way, which does not consider the whole picture about the persons lifestyle, health, prerequisites or long term goal.

It might work when the person tries it.  As long as the person does it consistently. But what happens when the person goes back to their old routines? They might feel anxious about not reaching their goal, or maybe the person reaches their goal but regains the old habits before the change was made.

My goal is to prevent similar events at TIQQE. Thanks to my Precision nutrition diploma that provide me with knowledge and tools to help my colleagues reach their goals and be at their highest health potential

Gada Jameel

076- 573 43 00

“Enable ideas, challenge the present, never stop learning and always be nice.“