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Get to know our Health Coach Fredrik Ohlsson!

One year ago we started our initiative HealthOps. It was by chance at first but after only a few months we realized that this was something that we wanted to keep putting our bets on. Since February this year TIQQE has had two fantastic HealthOps’s. We now see that we’re providing a holistic service to everyone employed at TIQQE, their families and other companies. We do this by offering support in coaching within nutrition, training and recovery. We’re truly happy that Fredrik has joined us. 

A warm, late, welcome!

My name is Fredrik Ohlsson and at TIQQE I work in team HealthOps, and we focus on all the employee’s health. Currently I’m spending my work week with various things. Everything from planning for our upcoming CrossFit gym that we are opening in January to having workout sessions for TIQQER’s every lunch from Monday to Friday, the sessions can vary in conditioning, strength and functional training. I am always available to help answer questions regarding treatments, personal training sessions etc. I see a huge value for TIQQE as a company having this benefit for their employees.

My interest in health started when I was young. I played hockey for several years and I learned a lot about anatomy and how the body works during high school, which evolved my interest in health. In 2009 I studied to become a massage therapist because I found an interest in helping others with their health problems. At the same time, I started to practice CrossFit and in 2015 I held my very first CrossFit session and I’ve loved it since then.

The best thing about my job is seeing and helping people achieve their goals even if it’s ‘’only’’ to feel better about themselves.

What makes me want to continue coaching people is to see their journey from the very beginning to when they succeed. I see it as a privilege to be able to help people to a healthier lifestyle, get stronger, have less pain or whatever their goal might be.

At TIQQE I work with coaching IT consultants and the most challenging part of my work here is to get everyone to understand the importance of working out. Not everyone exercises on a daily basis which makes it hard to come up with activities everyone likes to do.

The funny part of working with IT consultants is for sure to learn about stuff I have no experience in. Coding, cloud, and architecture are a whole new world for me. I’m privileged to work with such experts in their area. Another fun part of working with them is to be part of their realization of how fun but also important health is. I see it as I’m sharing knowledge of what I’m best at and they give me knowledge of their expertise which feels so valuable to me.

A good day off for me is when I can sleep in, have a good workout, and have no plans for the rest of the day. Another thing I love to do in my spare time is to go fishing, preferably perch. The largest perch I caught weighed around 1,3kg. But most of my time is spent at the gym. 

If I have to describe myself with 3 words I would be meticulous, loyal, and kind.

The reason why I decided to work at TIQQE is mostly because I got the chance of building a business, that I not only have a huge passion for and also the possibility to build it from scratch. But also that I got the chance to work at a great company made it even considerable.

My first impression of TIQQE is that you get well taken care of, and they care a lot for you. Everyone is very nice and humble and you feel valued and important here. I would recommend TIQQE as a workplace for the same reasons as what my impression is. They really make you feel like you are a part of TIQQE.

If a kid walked up to me asking for my advice regarding anything, and I only had a few minutes to give ‘em my best tip, it would be to always be kind to people, work hard and dare to step in and take your place. Also of course the importance of working out.

Fredrik Ohlsson

“Enable ideas, challenge the present, never stop learning and always be nice.“