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Get to know our UX Designer Ivana!

Welcome Ivana!
We’re really happy to have you with us at TIQQE.

My name is Ivana Lucic and I am a UX Designer in the making. I’m a creative soul with a big interest in IT. As a person, I am very loyal and always put my heart into everything I do. I enjoy meeting new people no matter their age or where they live. I find it very interesting learning new things about different cultures and I would say that I’m a very curious person.

The reason why I work with UX/UI is because I have always been very creative. I dreamt about being an artist when I was younger but my interest in the digital world was bigger and at that time I didn’t know UX/UI existed as a profession. When I found out that UX/UI was something you could actually work with I immediately felt that it would suit me perfectly, I could be creative and at the same time work in the digital landscape.

I came in contact with TIQQE through a friend who had worked here for a long time. He always talked so well about TIQQE. At the end of my education, I was supposed to do an internship and thanks to my friend, the possibility of having mine at TIQQE showed up.

Having my internship at TIQQE has been good in that sense that it’s only been good vibes, I felt very quickly that they don’t put any unreasonable pressure on you. For me that motivated me to work even harder to show my gratitude to them for having me and also for treating me well.

The best thing about working with UX/UI is that I can choose how I want to set up my daily work, I am allowed to be very flexible both in how I work but also where. Every day I get to share my ideas and be creative with others and at TIQQE everyone is very quick in helping me when I get stuck.

Family is something that is very important to me, to be surrounded by loved ones is something that fulfills me. On a free day I, therefore, love to spend the day with people close to me, to spend time and have deep discussions which give me a lot of energy. Another thing I like to do is to read, it gives me the chance to dig into other people’s creativity and worlds which gives me a sort of calmness but also perspective.

I would describe myself as loyal, calm and loving.

The reason why I decided to work at TIQQE is because it just felt right. It felt like a place where I can continue to evolve both in myself and also in my profession. I’m always surrounded by very inspiring people.

My first impression of TIQQE has been that it feels like one big family with open arms who are ready to help you reach your full potential.

If a kid walked up to me asking for advice regarding anything my best advice would be that you don’t have to set yourself on fire to keep others warm.

Ivana Lucic

“Enable ideas, challenge the present, never stop learning and always be nice.“