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Get to know our UX/UI designer Beatrice!

To be able to create a holistic service to our customers the obvious next step for us was to create a UX/UI team. In the last year we’ve managed to build a team of four. Since we’re looking for talent regardless of location it was a natural thing to employ Beatrice even though she was on her way to Paris. Distributed first is not only a thing we say, it’s the way we live and work. It’s with joy we welcome Beatrice to TIQQE and with great pleasure we’re now represented in France. 

A warm welcome to us!

My name is Beatrice Stenkula I was born in Lund but grew up in Stockholm. I have lived in Norrköping for the last 6 years but recently I moved to Paris. I love Pop culture, both to discuss and to consume and I love Taylor Swift. 

Today I work as a UX/UI designer at TIQQE and the best thing about this job is that I get the privilege to work with what I think is fun and that I also feel that I’m good at.

Currently, I work from Paris in France, and there are some pros and cons with that.
Pros are definitely that I can live at a place that I Love and also the flexibility. My advice for others that work remotely is to sign up for a coffee subscription, which gives me environmental change but also a chance to connect with new people. The con of working from Paris is that I don’t meet my colleagues that often. 

A good day for me is when I can take a slow start with a huge cup of tea, candles and music. That will give me a good flow at work and during lunch I’m going to the gym. The afternoon includes a chai latte and continued good workflow. After work I’m cooking a nice dinner with a friend.

If I have to describe myself with 3 words it would be curious, optimistic and inquisitive. 

The reason why I decided to work at TIQQE is because they have a healthy way of running their business. 

At TIQQE everyone is very kind and helpful which I think is super important. They are all very technically skilled and I’m just a Taylor Swift fan. Joke aside, what I’m trying to say is that I’m not as technically skilled as the rest of my colleagues but in my role, I’m not supposed to have that skill either. But they are all so kind and helpful to me when I need their support in something I don’t know. 

I would recommend TIQQE as a workplace because it’s very prestigeless even if the people you work with are experts. As I said before, if you want to be at a healthy workplace then TIQQE is the perfect option. There is a lot of trust from customers which shows what kind of company TIQQE is.

I strongly believe that the future workplace will be different from now. If you want highly skilled employees the companies need to look worldwide, you need to open up for remote work just like TIQQE does. I believe TIQQE is a company that really offers what the future will bring. 

If a kid walked up to me asking for advice regarding anything it would be that you live your life for yourself and no one else. Don’t be so afraid to be playful, you are old for so many years either way. You are supposed to be young until you are 80. Then you can be and act old.

Beatrice Stenkula

“Enable ideas, challenge the present, never stop learning and always be nice.“