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Get to know our Full-stack developer Joacim!

Welcome Joacim!
We’re really happy to have you with us at TIQQE.

My name is Joacim Wideving.  I’m 36 years old and working as a Fullstack developer at TIQQE. I live in Örebro together with my girlfriend and our 2 kids. In my spare time I work out, code, look at movies and read a lot, mostly sci-fi. My favorite author in the sci-fi genre is Peter F Hamilton.

If my family described me in 3 words I would be kind, humble, and determined. But if I’m allowed to describe myself with 3 words I would be solution-oriented, helpful, and social.

I have worked with programming since 2013 so this will be my 10th year in the industry, but my interest started way earlier than 2013. When I was a kid, maybe 10 years old, I realized my Amiga computer had a disk with QBasic. A very simple high level programming language that I used to learn the basics of coding and from there I found out about Visual Basic and C++. I studied programming both in Highschool and University.

The thing I enjoy the most with programming is the problem solving part. I REALLY ENJOY THE USE OF LOGIC AND CREATIVE THINKING TO BREAK DOWN AND COME UP WITH SOLUTIONS TO COMPLEX TASKS. I also like that you are actually building something that in the end will be used by myself or others when it’s done.

When I was a kid my dream job was to drive a crane truck. I don’t mind being by myself so I thought it would be nice to sit high up in the air with a view, in a comfy chair and help build an apartment complex. If I wouldn’t work with programming I would probably still work with problem solving, maybe as a city planner or architect.

The reason why I decided to work at TIQQE was because I was notified of dismissal due to lack of work, and needed to find a new place to work really quickly.
A friend of mine had recently been in contact with TIQQE and recommended me to get in touch with them. I thought it was a really interesting company that works with serverless solutions and seemed to have a good community with a healthy mindset. You have a huge impact on your own work environment as to where and when you work and that flexibility really catched my interest.

My first few months at TIQQE are very positive. Everyone I met so far has been very polite and helpful and wanted the best for me. TIQQE is a very familiar place without prestige and it’s totally ok to ask anyone anything.

I have to say that I was very surprised that everything I heard beforehand about TIQQE was not just a sales pitch. TIQQE is exactly like they tell you, there is a family feeling and everyone is taking care of each other. If you come up with new ideas they listen to you even if you are “the new guy”.

If a kid walked up to me asking for advice regarding anything I would tell him/her to listen to your gut feeling, if it feels right it’s almost always right.

Joacim Wideving

“Enable ideas, challenge the present, never stop learning and always be nice.“