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Get to know our Full-stack developer Jonatan!

NEVER STOP LEARNING is one of TIQQEs four values. Our intentions with that quote is to remind us of the importance of keeping on practicing to unlearn to be able to learn new things. What can be better than to introduce a on-prem, C# schooled person to AWS and TypeScript?
We’re really happy that Jonatan wanted to unlearn, and learn new things with us at TIQQE.

My name is Jonatan Angergård I am 24 years old and live in Örebro, Sweden.
I studied Systemvetenskap at Örebro University and for the last six months of my studies I did an internship at TIQQE which led me to an employment as a Fullstack developer.

Now that I’m employed at TIQQE I can honestly say that there is no difference in how people have been acting towards me when I was a student or now as an employee. They all treated me as an equal from the start and a colleague even though I was new to coding and was only there for doing my school project. 

I would say that everyone at TIQQE is very helpful and kind which matches my impression from when I was a student and from now as employed, there is no fake ‘’ridå’’.

Everything with the project that I had as a student taught me a lot and everyone respected that I wasn’t familiar with all the technology that they work with.

Before I decided to learn coding and aim for working as a developer I wanted to become a chef. I was probably 10 years old and had cooked one good dish. Unfortunately, that dish was the only thing I could cook so I’m thankful that my coding skills turned out to be better than my cooking skills. 

Besides being a full stack developer at TIQQE I play ultimate frisbee and hang out with my friends. If my family would describe me with three qualities it would be dedicated, sporty, and a real teaser. 

But let’s go back to the beginning. The first reason why I decided to work at TIQQE was the community, for sure. I felt that when I stepped into TIQQE my colleagues became friends as well. The second reason was that they work with the latest and most exciting technology. 

I would describe TIQQE as a community that has a lot of fun together while they’re also on the cutting-edge of technique. I would recommend everyone who wants to work with the latest technology to start working at TIQQE. 

Last but not least, If a kid walked up to me asking for my advice regarding anything, and I only had a few minutes to give ‘em my best tip, it would be that if you think anything is really enjoyable. Take the time to really go for it!

Jonatan Angergård

“Enable ideas, challenge the present, never stop learning and always be nice.“