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Follow our new colleague, Christoffer Pozeus, and his experience of joining TIQQE. Christoffer has documented his impressions of TIQQE as an employer in a series of vlogs – time for vlog #2.

Christoffer is passionate about technology and has been digging into the art of designing and building fault tolerant, self-healing, elastic and highly available systems on AWS for several years. He’s been working with some of the major automotive companies the past years and set up enterprise class architecture for autonomous driving initiatives.

In the last vlog, Christoffer shared his thinking before meeting everyone at TIQQE’s yearly christmas party. In this episode, he will reveal how he felt afterwards.

vlog #1

Thanks for sharing Christoffer!

vlog #2 – Christoffer shares his thoughts after meeting everyone the first time

“Enable ideas, challenge the present, never stop learning and always be nice.“